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Explain The Great Delusion
i don't understand why GOD would send strong delusion. i never got it. on easter sunday 1983 i came to know who the beloved disciple is using scripture only. i seem to be following the beloved in his footsteps as GOD directs me. i get insights into bible mysteriies and the beloved also was known for that by the disciples. the delusion may be to test a believer. e.g. i know and can give a logical sequence to the mystery of who was the bride and groom at the wedding of cana of galilee. i mail by usps essays that are free and go in more detail. i have enough for a book but don't have the financial resources.

Explain The Great Delusion
the great delusion in 2nd thess 2:3 is referring to mysteries in scripture. precise info is given in a few episodes but nobody is able to see the truth. sometimes they come to a outlandish interpretation e.g. rev 14:2-9 they are all virgins they never told a lie they were not defiled by a lady 12:11b they never loved their life they are the 144,000. and some say they are jehovah witnesses. this is ludicrious. but the answer is simple. do youse know? i do because GOD did not send me the great delusion.

Can God Forgive Satan
1ST YOU GOT TO KNOW who satan is. the world is satan. people in the world make up satan.. but you got to be born again, accept JESUS, and love everybody in the world. for many this may be difficult. e.g. stalin, hitler, kkk, etc.

Is The AntiChrist Physical
anti-christ and there are many are abortionists. read about them in revelation 19:11-21. and hebrews says the word of GOD is sharper than any 2 edged sword. anti-christ victims are described in rev. 14: 3-6 and 12:11.

Is Purgatory Paradise
about 1986 i had a vision of a place similar to could call it paradise. it is a 2nd chance for noNbelievers to learn the ways of JESUS AND BE SAVED. it was separated from heaven by a crystal wall. you could see heaven from purgatory but not vice versa. ugly words were spoken in purgatory by a racist.

How To Stop Abortions
we are making headway but abortion will continue until the 2nd coming. JESUS HAS the use of rapture to rid us of ones who defy HIS truth. if you believe in abortion you are dead in CHRIST. thank GOD i am alive in CHRIST.

Is There Everlasting Hell
i believe in purgatory after i had a vision. purgatory=paradise=hell. if you are not a believer, you will go to purgatory, learn the truth of CHRIST, AND THEN you can go to heaven. i never believed that GOD would torture you forever. GOD is love and HE loves everybody. purgatory will be difficult for rich people.

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