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What Is The Prosperity Gospel
1. The prosperity teachers would have us believe that all Christians should be prosperous (financially) but there are other ways to be prosperous without it meaning money. If what they teach were true there would be no poor (or even just comfortably well off) Christians, we'd all be rolling in money. The fact is that these teachers are rolling in money - at the expense of their congregations, most of whom are not remotely wealthy.

What Is The Prosperity Gospel
2. Why these people continue to believe their pastors and keep pouring their hard-earned cash into such churches I do not know. Perhaps, like the gambler, they think "tomorrow will be my 'lucky' day". A search, using blue letter bible, on the words prosper, prosperity, wealth and wealthy brings up some interesting results You will be more satisfied with the answer you get if you search for yourself that with anything any of us can quote for you.

Volunteer Work With Others
I should have made my question more clear. I had not intended to ask about Christian voluntary work but meant working for secular agencies, charities etc. where you could meet a diverse range of people and political correctness might make it difficult (or even impossible) for you to continue working there without compromising your own faith.

Can I Play Classical Music
Do you mean "What am I allowed to play as a Christian"? If so, I'd say that if your conscience tells you it's O.K. to sing a song then it's also O.K. to play it. Anything that you feel uneasy about is probably not right for you to play. Just remember that not all rock musicians are/were satanists and not all classical composers were/are Christians.

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