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How To Open An Orphanage
I also want to open an orphanage home in my country , Namibia and i need help and advice.

Why Do We Suffer
We have an enemy that roams the earth like a lion to see who he can devour next. He targets the true bloodline of Christ

Why Christians Support Israel
The first religion was Judism handed down by God to them His special people. Arron and the Levitical Priesthood. Man has gone in search of many schemes to disvert God's plan

Spanking Young Teenagers
there is nothing more effective than a good spanking across the Bare tush ! Lower the pants from behind then the briefs and bend over the table . six strokes with the cane should be enough . Pray to God & discipline the godly way !

Continue To Spank My Teenager
Donna66 . How were the spankings administered ? Did you get it Bare Bottomed ?

Continue To Spank My Teenager
I wouldn't say you should pull down the pants EVERY time you spank but the threat should be there and children should know it could happen and when they step over the line there no questions asked or discussions only : Pants Down and Bottoms Up . administer what is called here in England SIX OF THE BEST

I Need A Christian Friend
i'm looking for good christian friends

Husband Texts Old Girlfriend
You know I have the same problem, I have found that my husband has been writing to a few of his old high school girlfriends on one of those social sites and I don't think this is appropriate or sending the right message, I'm wondering what the opinions are out there if this is okay or not, I don't feel like it is

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
cynthia. could you explain how the domestic discipline is administered.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
at a young age I think its enough with the pants on ,BUTT when they get older and wiser and still misbehaving that's when it should be administered across the bare buttocks. don't abuse nor bruise only discipline.

Why Do We Sin
I think we sin because we are mere humanbeings and have to make choices all the time and even if you are walking with the Spirit, you will still make bad choices. If we didnt ever sin, we wouldnt need Jesus. As a matter of interest, do you believe that there is big sin and small sin?

Student Loans Remove Curses
Getting a student loan will not change a generational curse. Curses must be dealt with and can be broken. I just read a book called "Unbroken Curses" by Rebecca Brown. It had a lot of good information in it. I'd recommend getting prayer/counseling from someone that is familiar with this subject. Remember Jesus came that you might have life - more abundant and free. John 10:10

How Do You Pray
One of my favorite ways is to pray while taking a long walk, starting w/ thanks & praise, praying about anything & everything...on the way out I pray, on the way back I listen.

What Is The Santeria Religion
does he fear for you because you are christian?

Does Hell Exist
yes there are all true seek the word of God and you will find.

Should Priests Marry
all priests should marry,it wiil stop them from sexual sin and he that shepherds a good home also shepherds a good church

Rosie Odonnell's Interview
She didnt say that, she said radical christians, and what is the difference? I was raised catholic in school and church & believe in christ but what makes christians who go to the extreme any better or different that muslims. One religion is never better than the other and once people start seeing that this world will be a much better place!!

Am I Really Legally Married
If you are married to a guy who came here in USa illegally.Yes you are legally married if one of the two had happened to you. Either you were married in a civil wedding or Christian Church wedding.The only thing that he is illegal are his social security and entry of coming here in USA.

My Girlfriend Is Still Married
I think it seems strange because it is strange. Reading through the other replies - many assumed you are living together. are you? what are the circumstances of her marriage? God loves both of you no matter what and has a plan for you. Going to church doesn't save your soul; Jesus does. God's best in marriage is 1 man/1 woman- no bf/gfs. Hold out for that! :)

Who is Paula White?
God uses this woman. Don't judge what you don't know. I'm a traditional Pentecostal and I listen to her ever morning.

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