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Should We Forgive People
Of course you're not taking the Bible too liberally. A good friend of mine did that just the other day. She literally did make a true attempt to be reconciled to someone that had ought against her. She is being blessed for it. True Christians do things God's way.

I Can't Locate My Man
Yeah, well, I'm 37, attractive, and still single. Never been married. I can't find my man either. Most men who get in contact with me are divorced. I don't want a divorced man. I just can't go there.

Abortion For A Deformed Child
I was pregnant. I was not married. My child would have had a very hard life, I know that. But I loved him. Never would I have considered killing him. God took him from me. I was devastated. I never got to hear my baby cry. You would go through this voluntarily? God have mercy on you!

Effects Of Child Abuse
Forgive the one who did this. Forgive, forgive, forgive...

Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me
If you suspect it, find out for sure. This is your life! If you think he is cheating on you DROP HIM!!! If he loved you he wouldn't cheat. No other way around that.

Can Females Wear Pants
One really can't compare ppl with FOOD!!! That comparison made no sense to me, sorry

Does God Have A Wife
Consider the birth of Jesus a miracle. Why are you ppl so analytical? Why do we need to know whether God has a wife? Why do we need to know how Jesus was conceived? I am just so thankful that He is!! Thank you, God for giving us your Son. We really don't care how He came to be!

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