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Sinning In Your Dreams
That is a good questions, and I have never thought of asking for forgivenss, and yes I have had them kind of dreams, I always rebuke satan out of my dreams, and asked God to fill me with his dreams of love and peaceful things. guess I will start asking for forgivenss if it happens again. mary4964

Celebrate Mother's Day
thank you, and Happy Mother's day to all moms everywhere..Even if your not a mom your just as special to the ones who consider you to be a seconed mom..God Bless All

Why Pray For The Sick
Because people do get healed, and prayer always is good it is also a comfort for the sick people..mary4964

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
no one is perfect, mom loved him and when he went and done his thing I asked her what she thought of him now, she really surprised me, she said she still like him..I Love his singing as well..I like what anon said
He who is without sin...cast the first stone mary4964

Favorite Book Of The Bible
I like Acts, Romans and Revelations..mary4964

What Is A House Church
I have went to many churches in the home and none of them had anything to do with LDS
and I enjoyed each of them also..mary4964

Can't Trust My Pastor
I don't know what the guy done in the past but you have to realized it is the past..and the past is dead..The wall is your protection against what has happened in the past, but the wall can cause you alot of problems in the future, you need to tear it down, which is a hard thing to do by yourself, ask God to help you tear it down.Good Luck and God Bless mary4964

Can A Catholic Marry A Protestant
I was raised Protestant, baptized morman, and was rebaptized Pentcostal..My husband was morman, all his family was, I did try but I wasn't what they expected me to be..It caused problems in his family, but not is ours, we will be together 39 years in July.. mary4964

Power Of Forgiveness Missing
you know sometimes when we are forgiven and we know with out a shadow of doubt because that is what God's Word tells us, satan likes to come along and make us think we are not forgiven..If you have asked for forgivenss then you are forgiven, get your Bible and look up the scritpures on forgivenss and claim the, and tell satan to leave you alone, and start praising God for the forgivenss. mary4964

Favorite Christian Sayings
Here's one I heard years ago I always liked.."Hi,I'am the Christian the devil has warned you about" I want to get it on a t-shirt for me..mary4964

Can You Speak In Tongues
I, too believe in speaking in tongues and the other gifts, and the church I go to right now is Baptist, I have nothing against the Baptist but this church I guess don't believe in them or if they do they sure haven't show any signs of the not sure if all are like that or not..mary4964

Church Is A Boring Place
It sounds like it is time to move on to another. If they preach the same over and over again, and your not being being feed the right way, ask God to show you where He would want you to go.nothing like dead church to chase you away.mary4964

Backslidding Testimonials
My time of backsliding came in 89-98 and I have been a christian since I was out of it for a long time, the funny thing about it was even through I went back I knew God was right there with me through it all..I had alot of people praying for me constantly...what brought me back was the prayers and the love, and the strength that people gave me..mary4964

Sunday School Ideas
I am a teacher as well you can write me and we can share ideas..I have a few, but to much write here..but your more than welcome to write me..God Bless and Good luck too..mary4964

How To Stir Up The Holy Spirit
Shut the door to the world, turn up the christian music and lift your hands toward heaven and start praising the Lord, start rejoicing in the Lord, thanking Him for all things...Have other christians join you too.. mary4964

The Gift Of Healing
I agree with the moderator..If someone needs healing I belive God will put on someone's heart to lay hands on and pray for this person..God uses anyone He feels like using even if they don't have the gift..mary4964

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
my gifts are to teach the younger ones as well as helping the older adults that needs help, such as one for cleaning, cooking, or just a friend, also for the ones who have been abuse(physically or sexually).I love my gifts that I have recieved, and God has blessed me in so many way.mary4964

How Does God Speak To You
God has spoken to me in many ways, the soft voice, His word through others as well. The one way He has spoken to me and it really hits me hard, is when He wants to say something and for whatever reason I'm not hearing, He speaks through my grandkids and they don't even realize it..mary4964

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