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Holy Communion On Easter
Taking Communion unworthily means not understanding what you are doing by taking it. Our non denominational Christian Church takes it each time we meet. Remembering His sacrifice in taking Communion. Although I'm not a practicing Catholic I grew up in that faith and they have the children understand what Communion signifies before they partake of it. I was truly filled with the Holy Spirit when I took my First Communion and taking Communion is still very emotional for me. It's strictly a spiritual thing.

I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
I will pray for you. You must not hate, it just isn't what God has in mind for you. Catholics are Christ loving people. There are many Catholic Churches where they have Bible study and are searching for the truth. I am no longer a practicing Catholic but I still love my family and friends who worship in the Catholic Church and I keep them in my prayers always.

Has The Holy Spirit Talked To You
Yes, when I was very sick and feeling alone and scared. I was praying and the Holy Spirit said (not in a voice) take my hand and I will be the Father you always wanted and I felt a wonderful warm feeling all through my being. Of course I know he speaks to me all the time but, that time it was truly wonderful. The day I went forward in church for my salvation was very strong too.

Obama For President
There is some truth that a small percentage of the homeless would rather live that way.
Lets not lump the "homeless" into one lump. There are times when decent innocent people find themselves in a homeless situation due to illness or other situations that deplete them financially. I never give homeless ones money I only give them food so they can't spend it on drugs or alcohol. Oh, and can we leave politics out of this????

Committing Suicide A Selfish Act
My goodness, Dick, I guess you have never had a loved one take their own lives to say such a flip thing. My brother took his own life in 1969 at age 34 and it was very painful to my mother, who died of cancer and a broken heart 3 months later, and the rest of us too. Yes, it was selfish but, we have to forgive him and realize that he was a very confused and sad person. The saddest thing is will he be in heaven. ?

Mormon Temples Rituals
Dave, yes the public is invited to see new Temples but, there is nothing going on at the time they are invited in. The only reason they are invited in is to see the interior of the new Temple. Certainly not to witness any Mormon rituals. It is done only in hopes of recruiting new members.

Mormon Temples Rituals
Paul, thank you, I will research the web on these questions. No, I'm not the wife of a Mormon. I just feel that there are many Mormons who really don't know what goes on in their Temples and have never witnessed it because very few ever become "Temple Worthy". From what little I do know, those who do witness it are sworn to secrecy by penalty of death.

Elvis Presley And God
Elvis was born in 1935 so he would be 72 if he had lived.

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
You are not "unevenly yoked" if you marry another Christian. In spite of what many protestants believe Catholics ARE Christian. If everyone were as intelligent and open minded as the both of you are we would have a much better world of true loving Christians and the hope of turning many more of the lost to Christianity. The Catholic Church has come a long way in the past 50 years and advocates Bible study and evangelism. Pray about your relationship together. God will give you the answer.

Tithe Or Not To Tithe
I believe Jesus said "Cheerful giver". That means of course, giving from the heart without a feeling of "I'll give this because it is required of me but, I really resent it." Right?

Communion In My House
Communion is Biblical in fact it was Jesus himself who said, at the last supper, 1Cor 11:23-26 "do this in remembrance of Me each time you gather" wasn't it? But, to take it in an unworthy manner is to sin against the Body and the Blood of the Lord v-27. What Christian church doesn't have communion as part of its devotion?

Favorite Christian Blogs
My favorite BLOGS are the ones where we are just sharing. I hate the BLOGS where people are rude and attacking others. That's no way to win people over. Remember, we will be judged in the same measure that we judge others. We must practice the Love of Jesus.

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