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If You Had No Fear
Take swimming lessons!

I Can't Locate A Single Man
PULEEZ!!I am a single woman and agree with what both of them said. Of course, I would like "a man" but my life is full of excitement, activities, and many friends w/o one. Volunteer with those less fortunate than yourself; get your focus off yourself & onto others; develop your personality & skills. Then you will have friends when you need help; you'll be looking for time to be alone. Who you're attracted to could well change. You're not ready for a man 'til you can live without one!

Am I A Prophet Of God
It's not unusual to be able to prdict what someone might say by understanding the tone and purpose. Interupting was rude and self-aggrandizing. Propehcy is not foretelling the future like a fortune teller but forth-telling; God-given knowledge of the future may be part of it. The purpose is ALWAYS to bring repentence and bring people to the knowledge of God. Was that your purpose? Did that happen? A true prophet is never wrong (God is never wrong). A prophet should be humble before God not proud.

It's The Mother Or The Child
This is a hard question and only the couple can answer it. I had a friend who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer while she was pregnant. She was told to abort so she could receive immediate treatment for the cancer so she would not die. She chose the life of her child (was the mother of 3 already) over her life. She died of cancer within a year of her daughter's birth. She felt she did the right thing and did not regret it to the end.

Biblical To Wash His Feet
It is not "Biblical" to wash feet as it does not have the meaning it had when Christ did it. If, as Christians, we are really into "washing feet" then we ought to be going to the homeless and bringing them to our homes, offering them our baths, soaps, lotions, and fluffy warm towels, then serving them a good meal, treating them as better than ourselves, serving them. That would really be "washing feet".

Catholics Believe In Jesus
Grace, Catholic also means universal but Catechism makes it clear that it's speaking specifically about the Catholic Church ruled by the Pope (through Peter), not the Universal Church. People who do not know thru' no fault of their own does not apply to people like me because I choose not to believe the Catholic Church although I know about it. There is some allowance for Muslims who believe in God and the Orthodox believers but not people like me who believe in salvation by faith not the Catholic Church

Should I Stop My Divorce
Another option that is available in Alberta, which I used, is a legal separation. I had it prepared by a lawyer (not too expensive), and it protected both of our rights while we were not living together and attempting reconciliation. The marriage vows still apply but it gave us the chance to sort through our issues separately and try to get things back together. Separation was necessary as abuse was an issue here.

Wife Told Me To Move Out
I am not saying this is a similar situation, but if you had given my ex the same advice, and he had forcefully followed through with it, our daughter could be dead or seriously physically injured. Please, in this case, get more information before you advise!! Some women have legitimate reasons for asking a spouse to leave.

Wife Told Me To Move Out
I consulted my lawyer first, and with his advice asked my husband to leave as I was afraid he would kill our daughter. He was "happy" in our marriage - got everything done for him , did nothing, and "didn't see it coming" although I had asked him numerous times for his help and to work on issues together. When the violence against our daughter became unbearable (I ignored it towards myself), I asked him to leave.

Wife Told Me To Move Out
The question has given little information to elicit good advice. I asked my husband to leave also. Given that much information would you have given my ex the same advice?

My Wife Just Left Me
I would concur with what everyone has said so far. Also, try to find a Divorce Care Course. It's Christian and with Biblical advice and standards, will help you understand and get through this.

Kissing In Courtship Good
Number of days or months is not the issue. How well do you truly know each other? Get past the infatuation stage, get to know each other's good and, especially, bad points, go through a difficult time together, be realistic about differences, it's not about so-called "love" or "attraction", it's about living with that person for the rest of your life, responsibilities, finances, raising children, tough times. I speak from my personal experience and that of others who married too soon.

Okay To Baptise 9 Year Old
I was baptized when I was 9 and Spirit-filled when I was 10. I understood both fully and am certain that my commitment at those times and God's faithfulness because of it, carried me through potentially rough times.

What Is Inerrant And Inspired
If the KJV is the only correct Bible then I feel sorry for all the rest of the people in the world and through the centuries who don't/didn't read English and are/were being taught lies. And all those poor folks before the KJV. Boy, we are so lucky to be English-speaking - guess we're the only ones with truth. (Sorry, I'm a little sarcastic - this KJV argument has become inane!)

Are Birth Control Pills Abortion
The 2 common types of pill do not always stop ovulation. Other processes related to hormones in the pill can prevent fertilized egg from attaching to wall of uterus. In the scientific sense of terms such as 'conception', the pill is an abortfacient(sp?).

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