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Can This Christian Remarry

Based on the Bible, he can't marry again, unless the cause of the divorce was her adultery. But, I have witnessed a number of Christian couples who are "going around for the second time", and have a very successful marriage. The Bible deals more with a woman getting a divorce and remarriage than it does for the man. My advice he can get married again, but he must be very careful who he marry's. (He might end up going from the "frying pan into the fire".).....
Wow this is old , its 2016 but i continue to fear that my remarriage will damn me. I felt the holy spirit leave or a veil lift or something, whatever it was it was supernatural and terrifying. when it happened i was in a state of utter fear.

Where Do Dead Non-Christians Go
I want to believe the following and find some biblicality in it: unsaved men go to hell and may see heaven some day. Though, only satan, the anti-christ, false prophets, and men who hate god and will not repent will face eternal agony in the lake of fire. Even if this is true, it is still very important that we evangilize. Please post your reactions to my theory.

Having A Form Of Godliness
The person who overcomes sin and who is truely sanctified by the holy spirit, can calim to be truely righteous or Godly.
Anyone who claims to have the holy spirit must back up this claim by demonstrating the power which accompanies the anointing in the form of miracles, signs and wonders by divine authority.

Where are the people today performing the same acts of power which were being performed in the early church? There aren't any because men don't know the word, don't read the word, don't understand God's will and so don't receive the power and glorification promised by the word.

Instead, we have an image of Godliness (a counterfeit) without the authority and power of the true anointing.

I Feel Lost And Useless
My humble opinion would be to participate in the mentioned activities b/c you want to, not b/c of how you think it will make you feel. Each action is without expectations. Start from the beginning and ask yourself these questions...Am I making the difference that I want to be making? Is there another way that my unique talents can make a difference?
You are your own person, the answer to fulfillment is not mass produced, it is your own interpretation. The church provides excellent guidelines...helping people and giving back to the community. However, to find your own satisfaction you need to define your own involvement...don't just go through the motions. Have a personal connection to your volunteer work...define your own fulfillment.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
This blog is great. Do any of you guys have advice for me. I believe that way the Church of Christ does in most areas. However, I do believe in the power of the holy spirit and being filled with the spirit. Are there any church of Christ's that believe in being filled with the holy spirit, or do you know of any churches that do but also believe in baptism as part of salvation?

Lusting After My Pastor
I had the same problem. But whenever I caught myself doing it, I prayed real hard and pictured the girl next door who is my own age.

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
i think if GOD is blessing him then you should praise GOD for that.what about all the work his church is doing for the people in sudan?why dont you try to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.If he were dishonest and i dont think he is then GOD will deal with him

Mormons Fastest Growing Group
Robert there is no such thing as baptism for the dead in the Bible.

Who Is Kim Clement
yo, God bless you, this is a good question, Kim Clement is a prophet, one of the five ministries of the Spirit, like in I Corinthians 12, with the gift of prophecy, from I Corinthians 12, teaching the Word of God revealed as in I Corinthians 14, and Joel 2:28-32

Who Is Benny Hinn
Acutally we are supposed to be able to notice who is false. If a person doesn't have God dwelling in them, that person will not produce the right fruits. By saying that we should not label them false prophets is wrong. Things like false healings and teachings that go against the bible can be debated but we still should be able to tell if they are false prophets. There is a reason why we should label them as such. dont condemn them but do pray for them. Just dont be decieved by them...

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