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Husband Woke Up In Another Bed
If you are both professing Christians, you should never separate. It is a violation of your vows to one another to leave your parents and cleave to one another. Separation is unbiblical. Upon separation, both of you refuse to live with eachother, you both have already dissolved the marriage bond. (Judges 19 I Corinthians 7) If he had sex with someone else, all he did was fornicate. You have no grounds for divorce because when you agreed not to live with him, you dissolved the marriage bond.

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
Yes, you may divorce your husband. The fact is, once he leaves and refuses to come back, the marriage is dissolved. You are required to file for a divorce. Also, see Judges 19. Your husband is has violated his vow to live with you. According to 1 Corinthians 7, you are no longer bound to the marriage. The marriage bond is broken. It is considered harlotry---Judges 19. Once he leaves, the marriage bond is broken and 1 Corinthians says to let him go.

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