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Sister Or By First Name
Maybe the pastor's wife has some special authority in the church, and this title of sister is to make people realise that.

It sounds as if he is trying to say "we my wife and I run this church. Does that indicate it's becoming a bit of a cult?

Can I Marry A Poor Man
you are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Am I So Lonely
One of you said 'God doesn't want you to be guided by emotions?!" That's like saying, you're hungry so what, you don't need food. God made you to be human with needs and emotions. the best we can do is try to make peace with our lives and seek something meaningful. in the midst of despair, it is hard to see the tiny sliver of light. focus on the light to find courage to face our problems. God does not want us to suffer, but we are fooling ourselves by saying that if you have problems it's God's will. That's like saying the holocause and Hitler were God's will, or that abortion is God's will. This site needs a dose of good old fashioned reality. Christianity without thought and common sense leads to some of the sick crap on here.

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
Well, I would rather take advice from someone who has most of his prayers answered than from someone who says God doesn't give you your heart's desire, which is denying scripture. Don't know what you've been praying for but there could be many reasons why God has not answered yet. If your prayer involves another person, God will not violate anyone's own choices. Could be unforgiveness in your own heart. Could be God is using you as a witness for someone else to see how you stay true to Him even when He doesn't answer right away. Could be anything. God sees things from above, similar to the view you have of an ants life. Keep trusting God. He loves you with an everlasting love & has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Judgement Day Happens
Cluny those chapters & ver. Why do u ask or would u like to see the face of god.u need to ask jesus if i was deceived instead of skipping him and going straight to god.i wasnt the only one to see those things.the way to find out if one is false is by ones visions not coming true.why are we still hear those seals just might be the beginning of sorrows.u tell me whats the date.i tried to give u a description of things in 100 & some words..jesus will ask god 4u

Judgement Day Happens
In 1997 the holyspirit manifest itself to me i was made to stand and visions filled my head.i saw the end up to the dec.1999 i witnessed the first seal open jan.2000 i had a vision of planes and hijackers without guns leading america to war the world hated us in there heart.mar.2000 third seal was open.may 2000 4th was open.the only way you might believe this is when the vision of america being invaded from the west and moving to the east without mercy..the begining of the end is in our lifetime

Women With Long Hair
Long hair is simply hair that has not been cut. Long hair does not have any reference to length.

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
So, what about lusting after your wife wearing skimpy clothing (privately?)

Does that also grieve the Holy Spirit? Is it lust in general, excessive lust, or just lusting after someone we're not married to?

And what about lusting after someone we are not married to yet? -I'd really like to know.

Died As An Diabetic
I think if as Christians we really were as close and right with God as we are supposed to be, filled REAL faith in God and with His Power, we could pray, or call the elders to come and pray, or those with gifts of healing and the sick would be healed, and the dead would be raised back to life as it says would be.

Is The Holy Spirit Leaving
Its not merely a matter of hearing the Word more, or not enough. Nor is it a matter of being preached at in the right way. It is a matter of faith, and of Christians really loving each other as Jesus said we are to.

Is God In Total Control
I think that God is the King of the universe. As such, He does not do everything Himself. He has those under Him (whom He created) who perform various tasks, including here on earth.

The problem is, that many of those beings are in rebellion against Him, and could even be choosing sides as we speak.

Are There Perfect Christians
(Not speaking about positionally.) We are never perfect in the sense of perfection most think of. However, the Biblical use of the word perfect is somewhat different.

We are to strive for (practical) perfection. That is to be our goal. And it is attainable, but in this age, and in this country, it is very difficult. "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." -Matt. 5:48.
See also: Matt. 19:21, 2 Cor. 7:1, 2 Cor. 13:9-11, James 3:2, & 1John 4:18.

How Does God Answer Prayer
jesuse has said that faith comes from hearing or reading Gods words and fasting and also preying try this and you will see the change ,thank you

Can Ladies Wear Pants
our God is holly,so if you want to fallow our God you will stay holly also even physical appearance,our God is thesame yesterday today and forever,and let me answer also w/ scripture guide in Exxodus 21 or Deutronomy 22:5

Remarry If Your Spouse Dies
I hope we are!

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
It would not kill you to open your minds to other methodologies. No, psychotherapy is no more a cult than cardiology. The only cult is a religion that sees itself as the only "truth"

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