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Surviving Adultery Alone
adultery,the forgiveness came instantly its the forgetting that is tough. survived 3 years of my husbands sobriety from drugs and alcohol to discover the ultimate betrayal, 2 known affairs. I think of this as a moral relaspe for him. spent 3 months seperated, back together to hold on to this marriage. The comparrison I have is trauma. nothing is the same for me today, trust is hard to rebuild. daily jolts, remind me of the betrayal I have endured. I live with this daily pain, how could he have done this he knew from the begining how I thought about being betrayed like this. I am still a married woman of 13 years, I did not go into this to get out of this, I pray that this is as much a priority to my husband as it is to me moving forward.

I Was Asked To Leave The Church
Don't get offended...there are plenty of other churches out there. It was probably just a bunch of old people with a cob up their bottoms. There are bunch of people in the church that just like to be in control. Obviously..NOT a family church. MOVE on!! :)

Bible The Only Authority
Where does it say it isn't?

What If Big Bang Is True
no ~ I believe what the bible says.

Is Abortion A Political Issue
This question would NEVER be asked if we truly believed that we were murdering helpless babies.

Rick Warren And Abortion
not surprising from a man that is pretty much leading a seeker friendly group ~ He is the pastor of that church...and feels right about be it. I don't know the mans heart. I have lost a lot of respect for him after the talk he had with Obama and McCain.

Can A Democrat Be A Christian
sure ~ l don't understand why one would go after a group that is more and more leading us to a humanistic socialistic society..but that is between them and God.

Are Tatoos For Ladies
I do not think tattoos are going to send you to hell. They are just ugly. To each his own.

Refuse Them At The Border
I think that we need to realize that closing in the borders is not wrong. I am sorry that those in Mexico suffer so much. We need to be praying for their government. Mexicans need to start to do what our revolutionaries did with the British...fight for freedom and getting rid of the corruption there.

How Do I Keep My Mind Pure
Control what you are thinking about. Replace it with good thoughts and with the Word of God.

Nightmares Mean Not A Christian
You are have the authority over those dreams. I would speak against them by the name of Jesus. Put on the Word of God at night via CD and do not watch anything that causes fear. no stories. Refuse to fear. Think on good things. Also...put the Word of God in your mouth.

What Is A Seeker Friendly Church
There are two types of seeker friendly out there. The one the moderator talks about (which is horrible) and also there is a group that desires to still bring a great message and preach the Gospel..but update. No more pews..dressing to the hilt..musty hour or the people complain...dry, solemn, boring services that are just plain OLD...not the typical fundamental church. If I had a choice of a church that preached the true gospel with pews and a detailed play by play in the bulletin and a church that preached the true gospel and allowed jeans, drums, and a younger vibe...the latter would be chosen in a heartbeat and I am 35 with five children that grew up in the church.

President Bush Running For 2008
yes ~ why? I do not agree with all that he has done..but of all the men in the USA we have two men...Obama and McCain to pick from for the next election..pitiful. If they represent the men of this country it is a sad state of affairs.

Is It Good To Lie At Times
It is never right to lie. I do not understand why we must give an answer to every question. I do not. I know it may come off as rude..I really do not care of others think.

Are Some Sins Worse
Sin is sin. No levels. No big sin or small sin. All are death. i think the Lord really emphasizes protecting what goes on in the inside and our thoughts. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak. No one sins without it first being thought. We have to renew our minds. In fact..we think that committing adultry is is..but Jesus said that if you even look on a woman/man with lust it is like you did it. Be careful what you let in.

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