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Are Some Sins Worse
Please refer to John 19 verse 11. God does not treat all sin the same. Murder may cost one years of trials and tribulations in his/her life. Where as, A person who lies or steals does not receive the same punishment.. Our heavenly Father punishes accordingly. EXAMPLE: A man who covets his neighbors car is less a sin then if he were to steal his car.... I am so sorry that one has mislead you to believe that sin is sin. Not so. From now on the Best way to learn the Truth, please check for yourself in the Bible.Which is the truth..

How To Love Step Children
I struggle with this myself. I have 2 bio children and 2 step children. Initially I thought I could love them as my own children but now it has been over 2 years and I am still struggling. I pray to God that He gives me strength to love them just as my own. It should be simple as their mom passed away. My expectations are maybe too high? Even my own spouse I love sometimes out of duty and my own children sometimes out of duty. It makes sense to that our step children can annoy us as well, yet we still love them. I wish I could feel the same for them as my own which is not the same as not loving them, which some of you have equated. I believe that we are here because we truly want to seek out an answer and that means we do love our step children.

Spiritual House Cleaning Occuring
How does one know for sure that the house has been cleansed? Last night,felt pure evil in my house.Felt something try to hold me down paralyze my voice so I couldn't say "Jesus."Finally I was able to say "Jesus" and it left. Then the TV downstairs turned on by itself full volume up. My door bell rang only it's impossible cause the screen door was locked.Cat went nuts this morning,hissing and staring in the direction where a box of books lay.Inthe box,bok on Tarot belonging to new roommate.Felt pure evil surge over my flesh!Could feel the energy as I held it. I threw it out in the trash.Oddly, my house became warmer and the overall feeling of normalacy and peace came back. Any words of Biblical Wisdom? Help!

Where Are Church Men Today
I was always taught and have read in the Bible that the man is head of the house so therefore I don't feel its a womans place to minister in the church if man is head of the house then he surely should be head in the house of God not a female I don't believe in it and don't associate my self with churches that has female ministers

Divorce, Separate Or Lie
So Kenny what are you thinking of doing, I know the situation your in from first hand experience so Im not talking about what I think I know Im talking about what I know, what you're doing will not lead to happiness this is the devil playing with your mind and he has you right where he wants you believeing this other woman is better for you but she's not because she apart of something that goes against the word of God, repent and turn away from her yeah she may be hurt but what is more important her feelings or your soul think about it

All Abortions Be Illegal
abortion being okay for mothers who could die, is like saying because children are a financial burden it's okay not to feed them. just saying it out loud sounds ridiculous
Sacrifice! Where does it say in the bible thou shall not kill....unless....
it doesn't! it does mention However that ALL life is precious and to take it further Jesus mentions children as being most important.

So a mother who kills a child fearfully and i believe selfishly. without faith in God will have to answer for it. Dying while saving another life is courageous, killing someone to save yourself is not. i hope a mother in a situation as this should not take another life into her own hands but trust God to do his will.

Autistic or Asperger Christians
Hi, my name is melissa and i am 26yrs old. I am a christian and also an aspie!!! would love to chat. I live in australia where are you from? mel

Ear Piercing Bible Scriptures
I don't think there is anything wrong with piercing. There are plenty of verses that speak of wearing jewelry. Rebekah was given a nose ring and bracelets (Gen24:30)as a wedding gift. God looks at your heart, not your outward appearance. If you're doing it as a sign of rebellion (which a lot of times piercings and tattoos are a sign of) then I think it would be wrong. Other than that we all dress differently and wear our hair differently, etc... I think it's a matter of choice. Just listen to your heart and you will make the right decision.

Are Christian Churches False
I don't answer to the Pope. I answer to God. He says the true church is full of those born again into His family. Jesus is the "way, the truth and the life." The only way to the Father is through Him. The Pope or any other priest can't get us to Heaven.

Christians Know The Anti-Christ
i believe the Antichrist is alive today. i believe also that he won't be revealed to anyone until the tribulation.(2 Thess 2:5-7)
the Bible talks of two distinct comings of the Lord. the First will be quick and no one knows when the meeting of believers in the clouds (the rapture)will be. the Second coming is totally different because we know when that will happen. at the end of the tribulation before Armageddon and the church will be coming with Jesus. As a Christian you can't help but wonder who the Antichrist is. But if you keep your eyes on God and His Word, he will reveal to you what is necessary. when the Antichrist desecrates the temple his identity will be revealed to the Jews and they will flee.try some of Tim LaHayes writings.

False Teachers In The Church
Yes! Thank God (Literally) if you have the Holy Spirit within you to discern false teachings and false spirits. Because we are in the "end times" and the false teachers and Antichrists are everywhere even in the most seemingly innocent churches. That's why God says to stay in the Word.i find that most Christians that fall into these non Christian based religions it's because they were ignorant not to read their Bibles. the only Word of God you can rely on.

False Teachers In The Church
Steven: don't let a world view about religion control your destiny to be with other believers. Satan has taken every opportunity to get people out of church. God wants us to be together in worship and learning and for fellowship and strength. (Hebrews 10:24-25)Take the time to find the right church for you and follow the teachings with the bible to make sure it all lines up. my mother brought me to many churches when she got saved and when she felt they weren't teaching true doctrine then we went to another then another. she didn't stop until she felt we were getting fed the Word. i thank God for that. don't let the wackos keep you from the good stuff.

What Is The GREAT Deception
the Watchman: I can't believe "the secret" is even being considered by your pastor. this is the beginning of the great deception. i don't know what kind of church you attend but you need to pray for the Holy Spirit to give discernment of false teachings to your church. you may even have a talk with other members and even the pastor. And then separate yourself from those teachings if they continue. In the end their will be many deceptions. i can't believe you are witnessing it right in your church. Pray and ask for wisdom from God. God be with you as you make your decisions.

My Husband Hits Me
I understand how it feels. I got hit 5 times before I finally realised that i should do something, and its not healthy to think that you deserve these violence from your own husband. Husband is someone who would protect his woman. you really need to seek help as he might not be aware of what he has done. Im trying to seek help too, am currently seeking for one place for counselling. I hav thought of running away, but do not have the courage to do so. It has been very torturing and too much hurt.

What Is The Left Behind Series
Reading the Left Behind series was what finally woke me up and got me thinking about getting saved. People disagree strongly about the meaning of Revelation. I don't think a difference of interpretaton will keep someone out of Heavan. God wants us to wake up and be watching for Christ's return. If "Left Behind" does the job, then I think it is God-inspired.

Moderator - "got me thinking about getting saved". Are you saved Melissa? If not, what would make you accept Christ?

Obama The Next President
Did Obama serve the US in the military? Only those who are willing to die for their country should have the priviledge and respodsipility to participate in its leadership.

Who is TD Jakes?
fyi... billy graham may have been a "good" preacher once upon a time. Wayyyyyyyyyy back when he first began. But he soon became heavily involved with the freemasons, and is a high degree mason, himself. Not too mention his twisted, unscriptural comments in the past few years prove this fact strongly. He even denies that Christ is the only way to God. Research it for yourselves. He is leading people astray. :(

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
teens often cut themselves because its a way they find that helps them to cope with stress or strong emotions that they don't know how to deal with

Non-Smokers Are Mean
I am sorry if someone has hurt your feelings about your smoking, but that could also be a sign of conviction. Sure we all have faults we are working on, but smoking does hurt others who choose not to smoke. It is a rude and disgusting habit, and a very poor witness for a Christian.

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