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Did Christians Write The KJV
hahahaha...Eloy yeah...right brother...KJV it is for me then...sooo many attack it n say they have the true bible yet is not available easily 4 all to get. If God wanted it, He would sure make it readily available. That is why I guess KJV is made easier for us 2 understand texts correctly as someone said. I've yet 2 discover it.

Did Christians Write The KJV
thats interesting..Can you name the ones who are not christian writers please? It would seem the KJV is the only bible under attack by the devil and his representatives. mmmm interesting indeed..Jesus said "You will be attacked bcos of truth." I should go buy a KJV b4 they run out. HOOOOOOrayyyyy ....

Demoninations In The Bible
there is only one denomination in the Bible and thats the church of Jesus Christ. They are the ones who adhere by His very teachings and obey all His laws and statutes and know who the New Covenant is. Yes, they know that the Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy....Guess who?

Christians Health Issues
Its the ones who r couch potatoes that we should worry about, not the gym people.Definitely we need to take care of our bodies..IT IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT..If u think we shouldnt bother, then your yonder other side...

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