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Dinosaurs With People
I have fed about 40 cows for 6 months from what was stored in the barn.
The barn has approx. 16,000 cubic feet of space for storage, only about 2\3 of that was used for food for the winter.
That equates to roughly 500 cubic feet of storage space needed for 1 cow for one year.
The stanchion a cow would stay on for the winter is about 250 cubic feet.
Since the average size of the animals in question are less than sheep size, it is easy to see how all of them could easily fit with enough food for a year.
How many families of animals are there in the land and air groups?
With aprox. 39 birds, 154 mammals, 80 reptiles, and 100 amphibians as families or subfamilies, the Ark had plenty of room.

Writings Of Paul False
No, barb, only you...
"Then it seemed good to us the apostles, and to James the bishop, and to the elders, with the whole church, to send men chosen from among our own selves, with Barnabas, and Paul of Tarsus, the apostle of the Gentiles..."--Clementine Homilies, Constitution of the Holy Apostles, pg 156
"Afterwards let our Acts be read, and the Epistles of Paul our fellow-worker, which he sent to the churches under the conduct of the Holy Spirit, and afterwards let a deacon or a presbyter read the Gospels, both those which I Matthew and John have delivered to you, and those which the fellow-workers of Paul received and left to you, Luke and Mark."--pg 84

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