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What's Up September 2011
Do we as christians have the courage to forgive those who attacked us on september 11?

Let Him Restore The Marriage
Vows have been broken, but not the covenant. Only death separates what God has joined together, not divorce and not re-marriage. Christians are surprising me by this willingness to divorce and remarry at the drop of a hat when it is clearly not of God to do so. It's not rocket science. The Word is clear on this subject. And by the way poster "Harold", that guilt he is feeling is called "conviction". You seem to be saying, just stifle that conviction and go on your merry way. It's obvious that God is calling this man home...back to his wife and family. You should back away and let this man follow his leading. Do not become a stumbling block for God's intentions.

It's All About My Husband
what is your recommendation for an emotional abusing husband that has a love affair with the television instead of his wife????

Accept Overweight Christians
Well i think you should not judging at all and that includes overweight people. There are many reasons why people are over weight. SOme is because of medications and they do everything possible to loose the weight. They have a medical condition that causes them to be overweight. Maybe you should look at your self and judge yourself first before looking at others. I am sure there is something about you that someone could find fault with. God uses everyone for His Work and His Kingdom.

How Do You Study The Bible
we go to the Christian bookstore and get study books to go with the Bible, weve done Experiencing God, Purpose Study, all the gospels, we're in acts a second time with 2 study books, all the Old Test. prophets, kings,nehemiah,etc,, with study books and your Bible, it rbings more But we always ask the Holy Spirit to show us what we are to learn to apply to our lives and ministry

My Husband Just Left Me
My husband left me last September and came home in October. I thought things were going well and then last week he woke me up and said he was in love with another woman. We have three young children together and I need some help with this. We would have been married 24 years this year.

I Will Never Obey My Husband
I am a christian. God gave me the ability to use my mind and make sound decisions. If my husband and I discuss things we find middle ground and make choices TOGETHER! He does not order me around.

Moderator - Submitting to your husband isn't the same as being ordered around. If it is, one or both of you isn't following the scriptures and is in rebellion.

Can This Christian Remarry
I am remarried. My first husband was not faithful to me. My second marriage is wonderful. I didn't break any of the wedding vows in my first marriage, he did. I don't know what the bible says about it. I know in my heart, I did the right thing.

Stop Sleeping With My Boyfriend
You are not married. You don't have children with him. I divorced my first husband because he became 'broadminded' and I wasn't. It is better to know these things in the beginning, so you can cut your losses and move on.

Do We Still Need To Attend Church
read ACTS what was done in the "church" this is the way its still supposed to be,
unfortunately,a lot of Christians are sleepers, attend do nothing else or let the world get in the way,we need to pray for the shepherds of the flocks,be united serve Christ as it says in Acts 1:8
let Jesus Christs love and Jesus be who we focus on first,all things will come together

What Would God Love Me
were you not loved growing up? that was my situation but when I found out someone loved me so much He died for me,I learned to love myself , forgive the past and let the love of Jesus Christ flow through you,Jesus thought you were worth dying for, is there any greater love? dont lose out, accept in faith

My Husband And I Fight
do you both know Jesus personally? do you both love Him? then let Jesus love come through you so you can love others, Proverbs says a soft word turns away wrath, two wrongs dont make right pray and ask God to give you an even greater love for your husband and show it, love can overcome anything,look at what Jesus love did for us'

What Is The Proper Way To Pray
Gods word says it is groanings from deep within when we pray,pray from your heart and talk to the Father,, He is our Father and we His children, just open up to Him and let your heart and soul let go,He loves you and wants a close relationship with you

How Can I Save My Marriage
no matter what he does,dont let the devil rob you of your testimony you have a personal relationship with Jesus,then stay close to Him.. seek, pray,,
does your husband know Jesus? only Jesus can change someone from within,, give him to God,,

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