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Did you hear abut the Irish Water skiing Team that was looking for a lake on a hill? Bad joke, but this happened to me. Wat at Port Merrion, Wales, and saw a lake on a slope, sloping down. Wasn't real, just an optical illusion. Turned to my brother and said, "Quick get the Irish Water Skiiing Team." We both had hysterics, when turning the corner, there was a car with a sticker in the back saying, "Irish Water Skiing Team."

Does God Do My Will
I`m going to admit to s herecy: being unemployed, I don't tithe! Shock, horror, how does God punish me?
De doesn't, I find my praers and requests answered just as much as when I tithed.

Should I Leave My Church
To paraphrase JFK, ask not what my church can do for me, but what can i do for my church.
I felt alienated and lost in my church, uloved and ignored. As soon as I started serving others, not waiting to be served, I found I belonged.

Was The World Made In 6 Days
It all depends on who you believe, who do you put your faith in.
Do you believe atheistic scientists who are so bent out of shape by creation the suppress anything that denies their god and prophet? (darwinism and evolution?)
Or do you believe that God could make the world in 6 days? Me, I choose to believe in a God who created me.
Think on this, yesterday undeniable scientific fact is more often then not today belly laugh.

Why Do People Reject Jesus
Why the past tense? People are still rejecting him today.
Why?Probably they enjoy sin to much, don't hear the gospel preached most likely.
We do not win converts by nice words and promises, but by preaching the pure word of God. Which means, hell and damnation or salvation.
If Jesus saves, what does he save us from? That is what we need to preach.

Don't Pray To Dead People
Ruben, I have read the Early Church Fathers, and I wonder which ones you mean. As most of them were in the Eastern Empire, and belonged to what would become the Orthodox church, the last one they would join would be Rome.

Can Good Christian Live In Adultry
I'm a little sick of wooly thinking, equating fornication with adultery. If they were the same, there would be no need for two words.
Fornication, in the Greek, actually speaks about going to whores, and comes from the Greek word "porneos", which is the word we get pornography from.
Yes both are wrong, but please use them correctly.

Are Catholics The Only Church
Is the RCC a true church of God? Does it pray to dead people for answers to prayer? Is it full of statues and corpses of dead people for veneration? Yes, deffinitely in St Peters in Rome. What does the church teach? Look up the catechism on the Net, and then expose the teachings to the light of the Word.

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