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Accommodate Islamic World
As a long term student of Islam, 30+ years, I can say that we have no point in common with them. 9/11 was not an aberation, its only uniqueness being the target.
In the 70's, not all terrorists were Muslims, true, but the vast majority of them were. When they are in the minority, they demmand all the civil liberties they can get, when they are in the majority, they grant no civil liberties to any one.

Chronicles Of Narnia Movie
Sinclair Lewis was a atheist, yes?

Moses And Abraham Adulters
For David and Soloman, they had many wives, bu mostly for cultural reasons. The harm was inherited from their fathers, or predecossor and as most of the women had only lived there all their lives, they would continue to look after them.
Marriage for kings and princess' were more often for dynastic purposes, rarely for love.
When we are told that they committed adultery, it was for having sex with someone who was not one of their reconised wives.

Kathryn Kulhman Divorced
Probably the best book on the subject is A woman of destiny, by Jamie Buckingham. It was out of print for years, then came back into print recently, though I'm told it's been taken off the catalogues.
They were friends, I believe, and he had help from her family and workers.

Open Minded Liberal Christian
Interesting question, how open and liberal do you mean?
Here in the UK we have the CofE, so liberal that it can accomodate spiritualists, gays and athesists.
Do you mean that we don't take the Bible teaching literally anymore? If so, why call ourselves Christians.

Are All Christian Bands Good
I don't know the group, I`m in the UK. Things to ask about any music: is it trly glorifying to God and is it different to the music the world listens to. We are called to be separate, to be salt in the tastless world. If the music we listen to is no different to th music the world listens to, how on earth will they know the differece between what we believe and what they practice.

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
Paula, I am an ex-Catholic, and know the errors.
Hail Mary is made up of 2 parts: the scriptural greeting of the Angel Gabriel, and the non-scriptural "and pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death". That has no part is scripture. The PaterNoster is in scripture, I agree.

What Country Are You From
I`m from Exeter in Devon, in the UK.

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
Interesting how this subject has come up twice recently, and in both cases about the same arguments. The Rosary is not about the life of Jesus, it is a contemplation with repetitive prayers, on the life of Mary. It is made up of groups of Mysteries, all about how Mary suffered. I think it went 5 for joy, 5 for sorrow. Yes it is pagan or rather muslim. They have a set of bead, same shape and format, just don't know what they pray.

What Is The First Religious War
MikeM, shame on Charles Martel, 749AD, for wanting to protect his home country, what would became France, from an Islamic invasion.

But than again, don't tame my word for it, Battle of Poitiers is where it happened.

Why Tongues Are Not For Today
So Jesus was a liar, and Paul wrong. Obviously, as they never said that Tongues would cease, but trated it the same as salvation.

The old story surfaces again, that the Tongues was heard at Pentecost. Yes, but they were addressed by Peter in Greek.

At Azusa Street, missionaries were sent out speaking in tongues to speak to the mission field.

Da Vinci Code Anti-Christian
The DC is a wondeful piece of fiction, it in no way is an attack on Biblical Christianity.

However, both the Dc and Angels&Demons are attacks on extreme RCC, and its errors.

In fact, A&D is more relevant to the subject of Christianity, as it does deal with a real organisation, the Illuminati. OpusDei is not a beind the scenes, worldwide conspiracy, the Illuminati are.

Practice Many Different Religions
The RCC has been doing it for centuries, so there is a short answer.

What Is A Rosary
Does anyone remember the promise of Fatimah? To save Russia, all we needed to do was to pray the rosary, and Russia would not fall. Question: which was the false prophecy or was it all false?

Moderator - Save Russia from what?

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