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Should Church Support Widows
I read alot of theory, about how the church should help the disabled, and frankly, it is just that, theory. I am blessed to live in the UK where there is help from the government for the disabled, as I am severely disabled. to Whit, I have only one leg, one hand, and am partly blind. But please, I do not want your sympathy.
The fact remains, in a couple of churches here in Devon, because I am in diability scooter, I am the invisible man. I don't want handouts, just to be recognised as a human being.

Dressing For Church Important
Interesting how people show their prejucide and dress it up as facts. Over 70% of the attqacks were on women for dressing wrongly, and very few mentioned men.
The fact remains, the most disgusting sight I ever saw in church, were two young men, eakry 20's, sitting on the stage, dressed as a slobs. Sadly, they were also the worship team, which says alot about the church.

Benny Hinn Barred From UK
I live in the UK, and am British, but my brother is Canadian. That means whenever he leaves the country, or comes in, it is registered with a computer, and they track him. This applies to anyone coming into the UK for that matter, and you have tosay why you come into the country.
Where Hinn lost out on, was he tried to come im on a tourist visa, and as he wanted to work here, he needed a work visa. There is no c onspiracy against him, after coming in so many times on the tourist visa, if you are considered working, you are required to get a proper visa.
Wgoeve organised his visit let him down, as apparently the change in the law only came into affect last month.

Is Darwinism Science Or Religion
In a non-theistic world, there is a god and his name is Darwin, and he has a prophet called Richard Dorkins.
Darwinism is not even science, it is a pack of lies that you have to kowtow to if you want to be anything in science.
We shpu,d confront science and ask them questions, not accept their lies.
1/ How do you date the fossils, as you cannot C14 rock.
2/ How do you establish the age of the Earth, and not by their fiat.
The key factor is that if it is science, they must have proof, no proof, just theory. The essence of thr ecoentific method is that it mu be proven.

War With Islam
Strictly speaking, Islam is at war with us. Make no mistake, Islam is not a nice religion, it knows who the real enemy is.

Teachings Of the Koran
A couple of points here, about what the Muslims believe.
Fundamentally, they deny 2 points: Jesus is not the Son of God, he is just a prophet and nothing else. Some even teach that he is not as great as Mohammed.
2nd, the crucifixion was a lie, and he never died on the cross. Apparetnrly, he switched places with some4one in the crowd.
Do they teach good morales? sure, so do the Hindus.
There can be no compromise with Islam, where Islam rules, Christians die for their faith.

BAAL Comes To Rome
Interesting, but full of errors. Baal was the Canaanite weather god, not the sun god. So the case for Sol Invinctus is not proven.
The usual connection to Christianity is Christmas, and there is no connection to Invinctus, it is from the Saturnalia, which had been celebrated in Rome on 25 December and most closely matches out Christmas.

When Did Dinosaurs Die Out
Why do we accept the statements of scientists, who have to tow the line for tenure, that the earth is 65,000,000 years old? The Great Dawkins has spoken and s he is so special all discusion ends?
Key point about re[tiles. they will grow 1ft a year. also, they need the eggs to be a certain temperature to produce males, and I have heard it argued that the real extinction of the lizzards came about after a series of cold winter, which produced only females and the line died out.

What If Big Bang Is True
One day God goes for a walk, and comes to a pub. Inside 3 scientists are discussing how now with all they know about the world, they can creqte life juswt like God and they can do away with God.
God goes ina dn challenges them to try and create life, and if they can He will go away. They accept the challenge and go to the nearby park.
God bends down to pick up some dirt, and they do the same.
God says, "Use your own not mine."
Science can only explain God's wonders, it can copy using existing material, but cannpt create from nothing.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I have just adopted a teen boy, 17 in fact, and he has a major problem with telling the truth, in fact almost everything he told me was a lie. With regret, I have introduced a simple rule, any lies other then white lies, and he will get spanked. The threat has been enough, and he is now telling the truth. Yes I could have tried to reason with him, but the lies had become part of a deffence mechanism, and he had to be taught self discipline, none of which he had,
Part of my job as a parent is to prepare him to live in the real world, and if he consistently lies, no one is ever going to believe a word he says.
He is also on his way to becoming an active Christian in the local church.

Have You Read The Koran
I have, and found it interesting. It is full of misinformation about the Bible, and tells lies about Jesus.
The key factor here is that what the Muslims believe is not found in the Koran, but in the Hadiths, the later teachings of Mohammed. 1 Thing you will never find, and that is the promise of 70 virgins for those who suicide/coward bomb. That was in fact created by Gibbon in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, as sarcasm.

Diabetes In Children
I have been a diabetic all my life, though I was only diagnosed 20 years ago.
While there are restrictions on what he can eat, they are not impossilble. Probably the hardest to understand will be that she can't have chocolate, amd alchohol could be a problem.
It is not certain she will need insulin, i was 45 when I started, but if offered, take it.

Christians Blindly Support Israel
I'm puzzled, why do you think Israel is at fault, unless you believe just existing is a fault.
Look at the facts, not the hyperbole.
1/ Refugee camps. Where are they and who set them up? Short answer: the Arab states.
2/ Does she not have the right to security, when no-on else in thre world will raise a finger to help?
3/ We are told, in the Bible, to support Israel.

Is The Death Penalty Murder
Murder is the illegal taking of life by someone who is not authorised to do so. By deffinition, capital punishment is state authorised.
Many, including more myself, consider that a war to make their empire larger is murder, but not self deffence.

March Humor Blog
I went on holiday to Switzerland and wanted to hear my echo, and I kknew I was in for a bad time, when I shouted "hello" snf back came the message "This service had been dicontinued".

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