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Ancient Psalms Manuscripts Found
Its not that ancient, dating around 800ad. Nuff said.

Why Are Dinosaurs Not In The Bible
2. Elder; I may be banned for this, but promoting the notion of a 6,000 creation must chase away many who potentially would accept Christ, at least from a fundamentalist. A rational person would ask, 'what led someone to say something so divorced from reality' and thus reject the message of salvation, at least as given by a fundamentalist. (There are 2 creation stories in Genesis, ending the 'age' conflict, but that is also not mentioned.

Why Are You On These Blogs
Bruce; theory? no issue.
2. II Sam 11:23 Ok, I see no issue, some would.
3. Man has been on earth a very long time. Adam and Eve, the first pair, of 'covenented' people.
4. Romans 2:13-16 conscience of the Gentiles? Its rather vague.(cross reference31:33 (31-34)
5. Ok, non-American

2 then answered

Can We Disown Family Members
2. They also will not let their kids join scouts (I am a scoutmaster in my Church) claiming the kids would be exposed to kids in scouts, and that scoutings founder was a mason, therefore scouting is evil. The irony is the rest of us differ in the extreme in our beliefs, yet family love trancends other considerations, and doctrines are never discussed-and thats maturity.

Does Bush Have An Evil Spirit
(Seems like on politics I agree with the moderator, but only on politics.) I fear power, too much power in one place, be is secular or religious. Our goverment is supposed to be a balence bewtee the three branch's, and the executive now has way, way too much power. Bush has unwarrented and illegal powers NOT given to him in the constitution. Too many wag the dog scenarios. I smell a rat.

Moderator - I think we also may agree much on end-time prophecy as this is where these types of laws are leading us. I believe the stage is being set by the One World Order folks to bring in the Anti-Christ.

Offending Each Other Blogs
Helen, I will ad that to my top 10 list. We should find humor where some are offended; 1.Possessed microwave 2.we live in a geocentric universe 3.Earth was created in 10,194 BC (eastern standerd time) 4.Possessed puppies (poodles?)5.Asians can't be saved. 6.touch your TV and be healed (if preacher is on) 7.A hurricane is caused when a tv preacher is insulted, or questioned. 8.Neanderthals were soulless beings 9.Demons escape from Volcanos and caves to attack people 10. Dinosaurs never existed.

Explain Exodus 22:18
What one would call 'bait'; I call exposing. If ones faith cannot stand the test of free inquiry, its finished. That includes me. f someone says I will burn if I believe inthe existance of the Pacific ocean I would have no problem quietly taking them to the end of the peir at Santa Monica, and then ask boldly? "Hey, whats all that?" thats not baiting, thats exposing truth. I value truth, in the macro issues) above all else, as the Bible says to.

Humor Blog #15
Humor. A lot of the humor is what I have heard here. Some of it I suppose, by me. 1.A microwave possessed by the Devil. 2.Dragons are dinosaurs .3.The earth is flat.(with four corners) 4.Teletubbies are satanic.(that could be!) 5.A lady floated on the ceiling of church. 6. Demons escape from caves and valcanosto harass people. 7. When preacher is on TV, touch the screan and be healed! 8.The sun and planets go around the earth. 9. The earth is 6,000 years old. 10. The Lord will appear on tv, at prime time.

Abused By Pentecostal Church
"Submission is to recognize and honor the position he is in and allow Father to deal with the leadership problems." I ask then several things, How is 'honor implied in his leadership? By what apostolic authority is he preaching? If that cannot be answered, then I move on, very quickly; and I did.

What Is The First Religious War
Mike; Those medeival wars were bloody and vile, battles of extermination on both sides, they were not called the dark ages for nothing. My historian is Edward Gibbon. Christianity during the reformation moved on, todays Islam is still medeival, as backward as medeival Christianity was back then. Besides Mike, you would have been burned as a heretic, thus your point is mute.

Abused By Pentecostal Church
Alan and John T. I am not sure of what you wish to deny. You cannot divorce the 'pentacostal experience' from what can be measured, and what is so very well known by science. i can quote a million sources, but if objective reality is traded in for feelings, and does not matter, then there is no use for grey matter. I am not trying to prove a negative, show the positive.

Evolution Fossil Fish
3. Jerry; I do not see how science in any way conflicts with scripture, or faith in scripture. This 6,000 year belief is 100% subjective, refuting it is first grade. Refuting an atheistic paradigm is second grade. I see evidence of creation everywhere. I would suggest Dr. Behe, or Dr. Hugh Ross, well educated men of faith.

Age Of The Grand Canyon
Mr Wayne, your presuppositions are completly based on subjective beliefs, therefore does objectivity not exist? I base conclusions on objective evidence, not rhetorical bromides. Faith/reason need not conflict, except when one TRIES TO factor God out. The fact is the Grand Canyon- based on geology, morphology, palentology, geography is over 70 million years old. To superimpose subjective paradigms over reality is to return Christianity to the middle ages, the dark ages.
Scripture is about salvation.

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