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How To Get People Saved
Shawn what is your opinion of someone who approves of someone calling a brother a liar, and called the comments a perfect ending to the blog. She could have told her what she wrote,
"Also remember that Jesus said if we say 'you fool!' we are in danger of God's wrath"
Instead she approved. While at the same time speaking about obedience and losing salvation if someone sins. Is it possible to be saved and able to sin when you want?
Is that not their argument against OSAS believers?

Did Jesus Heal Everyone That Asked
Linda I have been going over many blogs and noticed when Markv says to someone, "you are correct" Kathr then disagrees with the person he said were correct. pay attention and read her blogs. beware, because agreeing with Markv you find yourself a target.

Why Do People Go To Hell
Kathr did you not follow instructions about reading the story about the thorn on the flesh of Paul, that Bob mentioned? Do you know who or what the thorn was? wake up lady.

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