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Have You Matured In Christ
define maturity in a christian? how can a christian 'mature' when the message of the gospel always points to sin or that the teachings of the church is vague, abstract & impractical. think of this, one issue has many variables or specifics but the bible is broad & generalize. so how can a christian mature when faced with life's specific problems. oh, just give your tithe & god will take care of everything.

Judge Other Christians Faults
judging? when a christian concludes & points to sin without knowing the issues or the facts that is judging. sadly that is what christians are. they are quick to conclude & point to sin when asked about issues like money, self confidence, & attraction to the opposite sex. but when their issues are pointed to sin, they get insulted & say 'ye not judge.'

How To Be Christ-Like
to be christ-like is to 'deny' your self, don't say anything when you are abused & sacrifice everything you own. that is what the pastors say - that thinking of yourself is sin, yet they have money to buy houses & luxury cars.

Daily Living Not In The Bible
to greg - so if being logical or rational is delusional, not biblical & a person should not lean to ones understanding, as you say, they why don't you 'deny' yourself. the car, house & food you use everyday is part of exercising your own 'understanding. I bet that you use your own understanding everyday, so don't think you are so self righteous

Say No To Church Jobs
is a pastor volunteering to preach the gospel of is he getting paid for the services he renders. is it funny, a pastor is getting paid for preaching the gospel, yet he tells you to volunteer on certain 'jobs' in the name of service to god?

Daily Living Not In The Bible
to greg - so these pastors & tele evangelist who chose to be rich, use the same world system they condemn others for are delusional bec. they use logic & rationalizations to live & exist in this world

Judge Other Christians Faults
when a person judges another he is pointing to sin without any thought, he is full of arrogance, like the pharisees. & there teachings put others in bondage, weight on their shoulders.
when correcting, a person makes others improve & frees them from the thoughtless wrong conclusions of the one who is judging

Daily Living Not In The Bible
to greg pt1 - really, then why do pastors, christians use the same world system that they criticize you for. if your child is sick or hungry are you going to sit down & pray about it? if you do not have a job, are you going to sit down & pray about it. these examples require objective, logic & reasoning.

Daily Living Not In The Bible
to greg pt 2 - what you are told to do is vague, abstract & generalized 'truth'. and with those kinds of subjective teaching, people get in bondage, stumble bec. they are pointed to the wrong direction, then they miss opportunities.

Daily Living Not In The Bible
to greg pt3 - why do pastors still use money to feed, house, & clothe themselves. isn't that logical objective reasoning?

TV Preachers Doing God's Work
any organization including the church is like a multi level business where the pastor or the tele evangelist is the CEO. if there are 1000 people in the congr multiply by $5 that is $5000/week $20,000/month. how much if it is more than 1000 people. CHA-CHING

Poverty Stricken People
to bill bila5659 - compassion will not pay your bill, put food on the table or send your children to school. that is why pastors / tele evangelist are rich. & no one dare expose their greed & love of money

Poverty Stricken People
Poverty is the result of sin! if adam & eve would have not eaten the fruit, then there will be no suffering. that is what most believers believe.

Mega Churches Want Money
to jack - you asked a good question. these mega pastors do not answer these kinds of questions, but they shove the bible down your throat telling you to deny yourself, sacrifice or do not store treasures on earth. So hypocritical isn't it.

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
to Dr. Rich - so where did you get your money to pay your bills? you do not answer when you are confronted with your sin!

Pay Bills Or Tithe To Church
to debbie - the reason why 'this' is happening is bec. the pastors did not teach about finances. to them, money is evil, get rid of it & rich people go to hell. now, when there is a financial crisis, pastors blame you for irresponsibility. THANKS A LOT

Are You Born Again
to rhonda - how can you grow when everything is pointed to sin & punishment. the reason why there are immature believers is bec. pastors & christians treat them like a child so they act like a child. their teachings are childish & immature!
don't do this or that, that is a sin & god will punish you if you do not obey! that is just great!

Should Bush Tap Our Telephones
those who support the tapping of phones are blindly obeying somebody who is above the constitution. might as well give your SS number to an identity thief

Who Is Considered Wicked
oh, so Pat Robertson is wicked for he twist the information to fit his own opinion.

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