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Sabbath Keeping Done Away
and Amen Jeff..Lees occupation is to zap anyone that supports what God wrote n commanded: the 10 Holy Laws of God. Well advised on studying ... he spends more time insulting on this site than studying the truth. Same with his brother John t. Kay has given up. I hope she has learned her errors and seen the light...

Can Religion Save Me
need to seems u know the answer already whom are you kidding...otherwise u wouldnt ask such question and wouldnt know to about it...look in your bible n dictionary

True Meaning Of Christmas
Eloy you have your dates back to front and no Tammuz was born on the 25. You only need to read the story of Christs birth and the season to know that He was not born at the end of the year...You r being deceived very badly....

True Meaning Of Christmas
Jesus was NOT!!!NOT BORN ON THE 25 PERIOD" it was Tammus the son of Nimrod that was born then ABSOLUTELY NOT CHRIST!!!. where is your proof that He was?? Because Semaranus was the most b.u.t.ful woman then, when Tammus grew up, he married his own us a text to say Christ did and where does it say we must remember His death? read past blogs about xmas..its pagan origin along with easter.

Is The Bible Symbolic Or Literal
Morning Star symbs Jesus.Egypt is symbs of Atheism Ex5:2.Israel symbs True followers of Christ Rom9:6-8 Sun-Jesus n Gospel John9:5 7Candlestix in holy place of Sanctuary-7churches Ex25:31-40 Sodom-moral degradation Jerem23:14 etc Bible is both symbolic and literal both began at creation and both end at His coming.

Is The Bible Real
Bobby, you feel the breeze yet know not whence it comes from, see the trickling of water, yet know not whence cometh its source, u breath in air yet not know where it come from..same to bible..Science can never explain the bible but God only.

Demoninations In The Bible
theres only one church in the bible, its the one that worship on the bible Sabbath, the one who obeys all God's commandments and the one who believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of this dying world..the only one who unserstands the Spirit of Prophecy and who it is..whoa ### u guessed it...the seventh day adventists..amen...praise the Lord..

Can Females Wear Pants
is it sin if a female wear pants? no..if your eye lusts after then tho, then you are sinning, not the wearer..the wearer always get the blame and always interpreted wrongly ..why does some think they know the thoughts of others? they also are the sinning by thinking like that.

Was Jesus The Second Adam
Jesus born on Kislew, load of rubbish..Tammus was born on this date and definitely not Christ..the bible never said He did..this is a False Prophets teaching..Nimrods so called son was born on this date...

Was Jesus The Second Adam
How can He be when He Himself created Adam.....

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