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How To Love People
I think it will be easier to love other people even the undeserving one by practicing biblical principles written in Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Committing to do good to everyone else will make it easier for us to love others irregardless of their character

Explain Hebrews 12:16-17
I think birthright represents God's plan for esau to inherit the kingdom.But he as a person chooses in his own free will to exchange it for worldy and momentarily satisfaction.
we sometimes do act like Esau when we make decisions not in accordance to God's will and taking things into our hands without seeking God first..
likewise salvation is for all but not all accept this free gift...

Why So Many Mean Women
hi jay..this could also be the sentiment of some women asking for a good life partner..
lets face it,there are mean men and women irregardless of gender..only God can truly overhaul personality..find someone of godly a magnet

Pray To Make Someone Love You
I think true love knows no age gap.but the question to ponder he the right person that God intends to be your husband?I think focusing more on God's plan in your life rather than pursuing what you just want will prevent you from commiting a lifetime mistake..Seek God's will first

How To Be Humble
you can be humble by refusing to claim your right to get equal with your foe/enemies,also by avoiding an entitlement attitude and practicing patience and humility instead

What Is The Mystery
reading this scripture,one thing that gets into my mind is about the mystery of salvation through Christ Jesus.That through Him,man will be reunited to God,this is all God's plan in the beginning when Adam and Eve fell into sin.

Should I Witness To People
Definitely yes.there will be instances that when you talk to other people,God will open the window of opportunity wherein you can share the gospel.You will know this because the Holy Spirit will prompt you to share.This gospel sharing will come smoothly and naturally.
If you are shy,do not focus on your weaknesses because it is God who will arm you with strength to do the task that He asked you to do.Trust in Him.

How To Focus On God
spend more time with God through prayer and quiet sensitive to God,s leading in your life

Biblical Character Talk
I would like to talk to prophet Elijah and asked him how was it living in the wilderness and how has he attained deeper faith in God.
I would like him to share his struggles as he live on a daily basis being fed by God personally.

Do You Get Discouraged
When the word of God fails on you,this means that you still lack of faith..In Jesus time,many have been healed because of their faith.
Faith is believing even without seeing and is a constant hope from God that will sustain you in your situations that all this things shall come to pass

Luck To Meet Christian Women
what is your definition of a good woman?where do you look for that kind of woman? are you looking at the right place?are you prepared enough to handle a good woman that this opportunity will not be wasted away?this are the questions i think that you need to ponder 1st

Does Luck Exist For Christians
as Christians believe that there are no coincidences in life,so much so that luck should not be the choice of words to use when pertaining to good things happening in our life.christians interprets this as blessing-good things that comes from above-the maker of everything

Church Going Sinners
Hope does not disappoint...there are more hope for people who admit that they are sinners than the person who pretend to be clean.
Remember Jesus came on earth for the lost..for the perishing that they may have life..remember,only God can make a heart overhaul..

I Verbally Abuse My Husband
First and foremost have a personal relationship with God.confess your sins and accept healing deep within.
Remain attached to the vine (God) as John 15:5 says "I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing.
Only God can truly overhaul each one of us.

What Are You Thankful For
I am thankful to God for what He has done in my life and continue to do.Loving me despite of my imperfections and orchestrating things for me for my own good.God knows best!

Why Do I Fall In Love So Quickly
Your problem could arise from having wrong expectation that leads to your disappointment.Long term solution i could think of is-do not expect anything unless it is made clear to you in black and white.

How To Hear From God
Pray,Read the Bible and meditate on His message in the bible

Is A Divorced Pastor Proper
The answer falls on this I think.It all depends on God's plan and purpose.God will use anyone whom He would like to is not for us to qualify or judge a person.Each of us have fallen in some or other ways.there are no such big sin or small sin.sins are all the same in in the eyes of God

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