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Spank About 15 Times
I think 15 crisp, over-the-knee smacks with bare hand on bare bottom will get the disciplinary point across with most children. And of course, you can always add to that total if the child seems resistant to admitting their accountability.

How To Spank Boys
There's no question that a naughty boy should have his bare bottom turned up and soundly spanked over the lap of adult authority. You either want the spanking to be effective in teaching the boy a lesson or you don't. When you shame him by pulling down his pants, you haven't touched his bottom yet, and he's already wishing so badly that he'd behaved himself.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
If only I'd had my pants taken down and my bare bottom soundly spanked when I was a growing boy, the impulsiveness that got me into trouble in my teenage years and later might well have been spanked out of me.

I certainly should've had my bare bottom warmed across my mother's knee when I was caught having recklessly played with matches as a 14-year-old. Would a boy who'd been raised with spankings have ever considered setting paper airplanes on fire in his basement?

As I've so often said, a child's bottom can be a remarkable teaching aid. There were times when I truly needed mine warmed and reddened. In one way or another, I suffered from the spankings I never got.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
If you're going to be bothered spanking your child (and I'm talking about going to the trouble of turning him or her over your knee), then I definitely think it should be a bare bottom spanking. I also think it's perfectly acceptable to teach a naughty child a lesson in learning to do as they're told by spanking them.

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