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How To Know You Are Saved
You are saved by grace through faith.

Book Of Enoch Not In Bible
Enoch was the only one in that tribe that walked with God

Two Meaning For Sinner
The saints were chosen from the beginning of the world and most of them were sinners before they became saints. They are already perfect in the eyes of God and without fault. I beleive there are different levels of sin....For instance some thieves can obviously get into heaven because Jesus forgave the thief on the cross. Jesus also is coming as a thief and blessed are those who keep ahold of their clothes so they don't have to walk naked in the street.

Divorced Due To Adultery
Maybe you should ask King Soloman I am sure he is an expert in that field.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
Nimrod was no saint either.

Does God Need Us
God doesn't need anyone or anything. I think He may have been lonely and created us in His image.

What Is A Christian Nightmare
Nightmares come from the demons that came down with a whole lot of wrath in 2000 because they knew their time was short.

Did Jesus Have A Soul
Of course Jesus had a soul and one of the best hearts man ever had. Unfortunately, the world loved darkness rather than light.

Why Did Noah Get Drunk
Obviously he liked to drink, but I believe the story of Noah is to show that God welcomes people who have problems of addiction into His family as well as other people from all walks of life.

My ExHusband Wants Me

What Is The Everlasting Gospel
Rev. 14:6,7 speaks of an angel having the Everlasting Gospel to preach. It may refer to those who get to eat from the tree of life or from the hidden manna after the judgement of the 7 churches in Revelation

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