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Explain Genesis Chapter 6
The sons of God refer to the fallen angels who mated with human females who in return had offspring called the nephilim.This is where Goliath and his brothers came from.You need to study about the 1/3rd of the heavenly beings who left with satan.Oh yea by the way they can take possession of humans and animals. Serpent in the Garden for example.

Need To Be ReBaptised
The thief on the cross wasnt baptised. God knows your heart thats what really matters. I think everyone should be baptised but I dont think you will go to hell if you dont. There are several verses about baptism. baptised in the spirit,water,fire..I think that you just need to be the brightest light for the lost that you can by letting God use you as his tool.Lift each other up and be a good servant.Store your riches in heaven.

Degree Needed To Preach
Listen to me very carefully!No man has the right to tell you that you have to have a degree to preach. However it is very dangerous to step into the pulpit without knowing the word of God. You could mistakenly mislead someone.If you feel God is calling you into ministry then do not waste time about it. Obey his word. Make sure you have a good sound doctrine and let the spirit flow out into the gutters of the earth. Praise God! Many are called but few are chosen.

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
Yes hagar was a ligit wife. It was very common at that time to marry concubines.They were like modern day surrogate mothers.I challenge you to dig deeper here to learn about ishmael and how prophecy is right on time with what is going on.

Once Saved Always Saved
Once saved always saved?This is unbiblical! Check out this. If i were unsaved and i see you who are a backsliden christian sinning without regard I would probably say whats the use.Misrepresenting the blood that was shed is in my opinion very close to blasphemy. Go ahead and take the chance Hell aint so bad.

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