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Keep The Sabbath Holy

JESUS is the eternal covenant and our eternal sabbath.

Gen 21:33 Then Abraham planted a tamarisk tree at Beersheba, and there he worshiped the LORD, the Eternal God.

Rom 16:26 But now as the prophets foretold and as the eternal God has commanded

How God Saves People
Jesus becomes POWERLESS past a certain point.

Jesus can only save the people who wish to have an emotionally intimate relationship with Him and be a SON of the Father instead OF A servant (go ahead and laugh).

Hebrews 7:25

Consequently he is able for all time to save those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.

How Old Is The Earth
I understand that many people have HEROES/icons and will entrust THEIR SOUL (this is a very bad and dangerous practice,.the soul is a very private/personal thing) to them, but we are doing just what the Jews did (seeking the approval of man instead of seeking the approval of GOD ONLY).
Scripture says that we are all sons of the most high (Psalm 84:5). Even still (and the Jews were aware of that fact, John 10:34), in order to be validated by their cultural institution/tradition and receive the approval of their priests and superiors, they preferred to remain sons of THE KINGDOM (servants) .
Mat 8:12 while the sons of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness, there men will weep and gnash their teeth.

How Old Is The Earth
Exactly, StrongAxe,

Ihe Lord wants wise and careful lovers (this is THE GOAL of all our reverence, NOT being a good reader).

The Romans had scriptures and "KNEW" God (Romans 1:21), but they made their devotion a 'BOOK devotion', they did not love God with "ALL THEIR HEART AND MIND"....So that you investigate where to put your heart/mind ("LIVING WATER", passionate caring is our THIRD WITNESS) is a lesson from God.

The water that flowed from Christ's side was "living water" we need to start learning from God's spirit (His spirit does not agree with the blood ONLY, but the WATER and the blood.

1 John 5:8....."THESE THREE AGREE".

THIS is what makes a GODLOVER.

How Old Is The Earth

You CONSISTENTLY object to everything I write because it is simply not what you were taught.

Do you also have an excuse for WHY the Jews rejected Moses
and cast him aside AND ALSO WHY THE TEACHERS COVERED UP THE TRUTH?(you very quickly reject everything else I write).

Act 7:39.
To whom our fathers WOULD NOT OBEY but thrust him from them, and in their hearts turned back again into Egypt, everything you reply to me YOUR OWN THOUGHTS or are you consulting someone?.

Don't be afraid that your masters/teachers will disapprove of you not remaining their puppet, a freedom fighter for the brethren and help release your brethren from the lies of the darkness.

Always Learning Scriptures
Jesus fulfilled ALL (ALL) righteousness...(DOES THAT HELP YOU with what you don't understand KATHRYN?). The only people who will be able to understand the Lord's truth are those who will take the time to figure out what they don't understand.

YOUR Armageddon is within your mind/conscience.
Armageddon was an actual military battle.
IN 2000 YEARS, NONE OF THE FAITHFUL TEACHERS, SCHOLARS or CLERGY cared to look it up, but they did manage to convince us all to ignore the usefulness of knowing its name in ENGLISH.

Many people seek to argue and discredit everything I write so they can imagine themselves as "BETTER", but will do nothing to free the brethren from mistruth and lies.

How Old Is The Earth
As long as you are interested in this year not being what we are taught it is, check out the "PHANTOM TIME HYPOTHESIS" about a missing 300 years.

ABSOLUTE "TRUTH" is elusive on this earth... only heavenly JESUS (John 14:6, I am THE WAY....,") is actual TRUTH...

Jesus is all ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

On EARTH, we choose certain premises to call "TRUTH", but we are only settling for what is available to us.

Always Learning Scriptures
EXactly kathryn. GENUINE, absolute truth is inherent in a spiritual person. Our blood and bones are comfortable when presented with logic and truth (like Socrates). of course, Socrates was not a "Christian".

....(Socrates got arrested and put to death for teaching the youth of Athens about good and proper living (righteousness). Centuries later, Paul made a speech to the ATHENIAN people and saw no reason to mention Jesus to such RIGHTEOUS people.

TODAY THERE IS A COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE on the Areopagus tourist attraction that contains ONLY Pauls' speech.

Read Pauls' speech in English in Acts 7:16.

Truth lives in spiritual people.

...and the TAOIST loves THE WAY (the English translation is THE WAY).

How Old Is The Earth
FOMENKO (a russian mathematician) developed a CHRONOLOGY (a TIMELINE OF HISTORY) that says almost all of what we have been taught is FAKE.

He says that the battle of Armageddon/Megiddo happened 1479 b.c. or 609 b.c. (look it up in the encyclopedia before you whine and complain that I'm exaggerating/wrong).

There is another historian named Rohl (the ROHL CHRONOLOGY is about the ancient far east).

...and also look up THE GLASGOW CHRONOLOGY (tell me who is right).

...How about PANGEA?.

Aaron The High Priest
I am not going to try and sort out TRUTH from the information available today.

My whole point is that we need to be discerning and critical in our investigation of truth/belief and that we can't rely on the teachers/theologians/clergy, etc.

A SEE/(SEE) is a religious jurisdiction or court,.it legislates and enforces the laws that apply to that religion.

The Vatican city where the pope lives has a HOLY_SEE that makes the laws for the VATICAN.

Originally. the PHARAOH_SEES were a socio-political extremist group/organization in EGYPT that were religious/spiritual (metaphysical) and somehow for some reason infiltrated/became the ruling party of the jews.PHARAOH------SEES.


Always Learning Scriptures
Our teachers neglect to teach us SO MUCH that is important for us to know. The Lord decided to make a plan to get us back even though the LAW OF SIN/DEATH would prevent our return....He said....

I WILL BE ANGRY WITH YOU NO MORE. He abolished the commandments and replaced them with the law of liberty so we could walk at liberty....
Psa 119:45
and I shall walk at liberty, for I have sought thy precepts.I WILL BE ANGRY WITH YOU NO MORE.

Isa 54:9..(quote from the ESV version of scripture).
This is like the days of Noah[fn] to me:
as I swore that the waters of Noah
should no more go over the earth,
so I have sworn that I will not be angry with you.
Isa 54:9
"For this is like the days of Noah

Aaron The High Priest
The Israelites decided to be complainers about being in the desert,.....

BUT they also had become accustomed to the Egyptian Gods and thrust the Lord aside AND REFUSED The counsel of Moses (they betrayed God).

Paul told what really happened..

Act 7:39

Our fathers refused to obey him, but thrust him aside, and in their hearts they turned to Egypt.

Believe In The Gospel
The book of Revelation is about ONE THING (very simple).

It is all about A NEW BEGINNING and involves changes from...
1) servanthood to SONSHIP.

2) from "ONE HUSBAND" to what is referred to as 'TRINITY".

3) a PLAN to retrieve us from darkness (Ephesians 1:10).


Love God And Others
According to ETERNAL God (the new dispensation), we shall comply with the law of LIBERTY (James 1:25 and 2:12,it is a MANDATE, it is NOT an OPTION).

There is no text to this law (YOU DO AS YOUR DEVOTION IS/ALLOWS).

This law supercedes all else (Godliness shall not be "DICTATED", but be from the heart and mind)....this is a new age.

Godly behavior shall now come from a persons' LIVING WATER (LIVING WATER is what flowed from Jesus's side along with His blood.

God's spirit does NOT agree with the BLOOD ONLY, but with the blood AND THE WATER.


Religious Teachers In 2021
Virtually nobody is aware of the THIRD WITNESS (the teachers offer some gobbeldy gook gibberish explanation that hides/obscures the truth from EVERYONE including the faithful).

The third witness was represented by the water that flowed from Jesuss side the cross (1 John 5:8).

The LIVING WATER shall be the basis if our modern devotion to ETERNAL GOD in the age of ETERNITY under the ETERNAL covenant and the ETERNAL spirit.

For centuries, our religious and Christian teachers have neglected to teach us properly (yet many people remain nave and continue to trust them , this enmity with God?, .YOU TELL ME).

1Jo 5:8
There are three witnesses, the Spirit, the water, and the blood, and these three agree.

Not A Church Member
The whole point in telling you about "Aeropagus" was that in order to be Godly, (love GOD OF PEACE), you must have a personal philosophy of peace. A persons' personal philosophy (IDEOLOGY) is sometimes referred to as RELIGION (even Jesus used that word). As a result of Socrates teaching, the Athenians were very civilized/righteous (how's that for secular philosophy?).

THE Aeropagus has been preserved as a tourist attraction (look it up in an encyclopedia/wikipedia)....God had many people provide free research resources so we could discover TRUTH (USE THEM).

The brass plaque on the modern tourist attraction contains ONLY Paul's speech IN GREEK. To read it in ENGLISH, read Acts 7:16.

Are you proud of brother Paul?

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