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ChristiaNet Webmaster
Thanks moderators for acting upon things that I have been pointing out for many weeks, even though you haven't printed any of my comments. I'll keep you posted if I spot anything else amiss.

Reasons Against Abortion
Try google for information on how abortions are performed. Live unborn babies ripped apart and pulled out piece by piece, others injected with salt so that they shrivel up and die, others having a pair of scissors pushed into their skull and their brains sucked out etc. etc. etc. That is enough reason surely, even for non-bible believers, BUT add to that God's words THOU SHALT NOT KILL and how can anyone condone such an act?

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Jack, where do you find the phrase Judah and his brothers in the book of Matthew? Also, if 4 different mothers are involved in any family, sons would would still be referred to as brothers if they shared the same father (even though they are actually half-brothers). Please give an actual text for me to check.

Religious Persecution Exists
Yes I have been persecuted for my faith - in a very small way compared with what happens in China and many muslim counties though. I don't wish to give details but I resigned a job because life was made so unpleasant for me because I would not compromise over certain issues. I'm pleased to say that my resignation was the last thing the boss expected, she was stunned and it took 2 years to find a replacement for me.

My Fiance Believes In Religions
Rebecca you say "Many people can hear about God in many different ways. They do not have to 'belong' to any religion to believe in God." Correct but the only religion that will allow us to spend eternity with God is the religion called Christianity which is the religion of those who believe in and follow the teaching of Christ. Jews believe in God but they will not spend eternity with Him unless they become Christians. You DO belong to a religion and it is called Christianity.

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