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Did Jesus Ask For Money

if the church cost money then why does not these church provide for FINANCIAL STATEMENT to show WHERE THE MONEY WENT. but churches DO NOT PROVIDE FOR FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - how much were the electricity or water expenses.but the majority of the expense are pastors' big salary. they will accuse you that self is a SIN but they want a big salary..HYPOCRITE!!!

What If It Doesn't Work
you have free choice...i notice many christians cherry pick the bible that is why 'it works'. you can use also use knowledge (as it says in proverbs). many christians teach that after you become a christian god will shower you with money which is wrong. the israelites also said 'we have to fight bravely'. don't develop a 'tithe mentality' like the pastors-god will shower you with money.

What Is God's Will
god's will is for our salvation. what about our existence here on earth? do we just sit down & wait for god to feed us, shower us with money after we give our 10%? is god's will is for us to be prosperous or poor, single, married, move to another country? specify the will of god.

Where Did Evil Come From

was there evil before the fall? what about the tree of knowledge of good & evil? so that mean there was evil before genesis creation...

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
the pope, who is a man, claims to be god. And when a person proclaims to be god that is blasphemy.

Does God Make Us Rich
to steveng - yes, I saw him on TV & those where the words he used, "I chose to be rich than poor..."

Does God Make Us Rich
pt 1 - I saw this sunday service at Jubilee in San Jose & the pastor Rick Bernal was giving a message & said that he read joel osteen's book regarding 'prosperity & being rich.' he said that 'he chose to be RICH than poor.' so he made a conscious decision to be rich.

Does God Make Us Rich
pt2 - another scenario was a person in the middle east was interviewed & he said 'we are poor' & if that is god's will so be it.
One has chosen to be better but another has chosen to be controlled by some fool's teachings.

Daily Living Not In The Bible
what about the different diseases that man face. does the bible say anything about them & its treatment?

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