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Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
I've observed most of the poorest people smoke, even teens!! I will help the little children....but I don't want to enable the parents who have made their priority choices..even over their children's food and breath!! I think if they get hungry enough they will adjust their values. Such a waste. What would Jesus do? I sure can't afford to buy cigeretts..why would I inadvertantly provide cancer sticks for the poor? That's why you can't give to many poor. You're enabling their distruction.

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
"If a man will not work..neither should he eat."
We should expect able bodied people to do some kind of work if they have to bring in a bag of trash they have picked up from the streets or roadways in order to get a meal at a shelter. The problem is, free food and shelter makes those who give to it feel good about themselves..but encourage slouthfulness in the recipent. Physical labor is healthly and Godly.

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