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Right To Favor One Child
Please do not EVER favor one child over another and if you do, never, never admit it. Do your best to honor each and every child no matter what. My parents favored my brother and sister over me and actually ADMITTED it! Devastating! Interestingly, my sibling who was one of the "favorites" has not spoken to our parents in 15 years. My parents have shifted their favoritism of that child to yet another child, whom they "feel guilty about" or "sorry for". Beware of this trap! Just decide you love all your children the same and tell them they are ALL your favorites and always will be. Let them know they cannot "earn" your love. Your love for them is a gift from God.

Sanctity Of Marriage
It's O.K. to have discussions in order to come to an agreement. But consider this; if there are two joined together in marraige, both claiming to have the Spirit of God in them, should there be arguements between the two? If both are in Christ, shouldn't there be peace in the relationship?

What Is The Trinity
You speak of such a thing as; being no time in the spirit. But I'm speaking of heaven. You seem to be implying of untangables. I'm taking it for granted that you also believe as I do, heaven is a physical place. Other wise, our faith is in vain. I'm suggesting that in order for God not to change at any time, he would have had to exist in heaven, even in the time of earthly visitation.

End Times Prophecy
All of us have pre-conceived notions about what is going to happen. Truth be told; much of the thought on the subject is simplistic. It is a very complicated subject. If you are able to clear your mind of the cludder that bombards us and focus on what God says, you have accomplished a great and rare thing. The things that have apparently easy answers will most of the time lead you astray. Learn to ask questions well.

What Is The Trinity
I have heard it said often about a pre-incarnate Christ. But if God is always the same, never changing, how could he have a pre-incarnate appearance? Wouldn't that mean also that his appearance never changed while on earth from that of heaven? Or, is heaven such a place in which time isn't such a relevant factor?

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