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Marrying A Younger Man
I am a 34 yr old woman married to a 25 yr old man whom i love very much. He was the greatest blessing in my life. i know that God himself put him in my life. i always told him that he was to young and i loved him for being my best friend. he has done so much for me. he gave me hope that love still exsist and that no matter the age its the maturity of the mans heart. dont worry about what someone else is saying they could be jealoous. i am his blessing and he is my head. i thank the Lord above for loving me enough to send me my husband when sometimes we have love in front of us and dont see it. follow your heart and not other people words. if he loves u age is once again matter of the heart and go for it. natasha

Have You Led Someone To Jesus
i dont think we (anyone) can bring about someones salvation. we can plant the seed so that they cannot use ignorance as an excuse but i believe God makes the ultimate decision :) our pastor once said, we can do 2 percent but God does the 98 percent :)

Am I Going To Be Doomed
you are definately not doomed.:) but i do understand that feeling. I hope you do know that no matter how much you like him, the fact that you feel he is coming on strong is already a sign that you should back away from this for now. Please pray and speak to your parents or a young adult at your church.

What Has God Done Lately
my mom has started giving me biblical advice and shes not a christian.. YET :)

How To End An Affair
i would just like to commend you on posting this blog. It takes courage to admit your sins. Humble yourself before Jesus, ask Him to convict you of your sin and to pour His love over you and guide in His way :) He will find a way. The blood that Jesus shed will cleanse you. I pray your spouse can forgive you too..

What Has God Done Lately
my mom has started giving me biblical advice and shes not a christian.. YET :)

Do You Party As A Christian
had the same experience as helen.. when i was born again the desire to go out drinking and being promiscuous passed away completely.. How thankful i am for our Father!

Husband Still Wants Mom
hi sue, thats what i dont they are great and he is great, i just always feel like they come first before me (as they do need him more than me financially at least)and now if we get married to have them so close it just feels like i will land up living my whole life in their shadows. I know it sounds selfish which is why i asked for some advice :)

Husband Still Wants Mom
thank you All for the advice. :)

Sign A Prenup For Marriage
i dread the day my fiance asks me that, if he does. I agree with Jennifer. I wouldnt want to sign it either. When you marry it should be forever, stats or no stats. To sign it shows distrust before the marriage even starts. Its like saying, i love you forever but just in case i dont sign here pls.

Husband Still Wants Mom
hi susie, yes there is jealousy.. Im not trying to deny it. They are both living with him currently and his newphew(2yrs). And they are wonderful people. Not sure why i feel so jealous. It just always seems like they are being put before me and i dont want to become resentful.

Husband Still Wants Mom
yes money is no problem its just emotionally i dont know how to bring my feelings about the circumstances across to him, and whether i have valid reasons for how i feel.

Husband Still Wants Mom
he is 35 yrs old and supports his mom who is a great lady.. we get along really well and he just loves his family which i dont deny him.. im just not sure why i feel so uncomfortable with them maybe(almost definately) living so close.. And i dont know how to tell him that without sounding jealous or unreasonable..

Humor Blog #12
what do you call a blind dinosaur?

i dont think he saurus

What Are Baptists
i go to a baptist church. the people there are very genuine.. none of them believe they are better than anybody else... and have made me feel very welcome.. they encourage a personal relationship with Christ and the pastor is always open to hear other opinions and ready to admit when he is wrong. he is a great role model and gives Christ all the glory. And yes they do believe youre only born again once. Baptist churches in other towns here are the same thing. That is baptists in South Africa at least.

Am I Truly Saved
debbie, when i got saved i felt on top of this world.. i saw how ugly my life was and just praised God for showing me and dedicated my entire life to HIm. A few months later that feeling of complete joy disappeared. Although i never doubted i was saved i felt a little disappointed. Needless to say on this site though, God is good and you must just keep the faith. God always lets you know He is near and i now KNOW HE NEVER disappoints. Keep walking sister :)

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