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Can Christians Wear A Cross
ask your self did jesus wear a cross. no so so when he said take up your cross and following him he meant it to be symbolic for take up the the sacrifice that he did and follow him.people only see what there what to see wake up do so research and you wont be decived by what people needs not to ware a cross it means nothing.wearing a cross does not make you christain.haveing faith in god.and living like jesus is the only way to be a good true beliver.i hope this helps god blees.

Are All Sins Equal To God
some of this stuff is un biblical
not all the sins are the some rape does not equal stealing. although all sins have the same consequence that is all sins lead to death. agree? but read Mathew 11:22 this comes from jesus own mouth. if you think all sin is the same you should be sooo incredibly guilty of that time you stole or lied or did not love someone that it was like rape. which is stupid not saying you have to be guilty.

Fiance Borrowing My Money
part of boundaries is letting ppl make mistakes and to have proper consequences doesn't sound like he is managing his money well.will he ever grow up if ppl just bail him out of his financial problems.nope.let him reap what he's sowing.bad spending no money left.

How Do You Pray
i ask God to bring to my mind what he wants me to pray about. if i seem dry in my prayer time i will cry out for fire of the Holy Spirit or a hunger for God. i also have a list of things i pray for.

Is There A PreTribulation Rapture
there is no evidence of the rapture is scripture.Matt. 24 states in the times of noah the wicked were swept away.the same when christ returns.we will be here,then raised to the clouds and the wicked will be swept away

Last King Of Israel
I'm not sure... What the last king of Israel when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD and the jews were dispersed?

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