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Have You Witnessed Recently
i witnessed to alot of people this month.and will keep doing it.i love god and i know he loves me , he died for me.

Why Are You A Christian
im a christian because god is my best friend, im changing more and more every day to his glory

Jesus Only Way To Heaven
yes, jesus is the way the truth and the life.thats what i believe also.

Why Does God Let Us Suffer
god does not, we do

Condemning Christians
if you will search your bible it says be ye holy ,we are suppost to be christ like.

Do Our Words Have Power
our words have great power, life are death

How Do You Pray
i believe we should start of with the our father, and than tell god whats on your heart.

What Can God Do
yes,i do.god created this world, he loves us all we have to do is ask.he made us .

Why Are Christians Mocked
theres alot of people that are not ready to except god, and who he is but when they do there going to feel awful low.

Idol In Their Home
yes, but if they believe in god they shouldnt have that in there home and i would nicely speak to them about it,

How To Become Saved
you need to make jesus the lord of your life first

No Peace As A Christian
i agree ,you have to read your bible, search out scriptures that you can claim as your own, speak the word.youll find pease if you try.

Can Satan Be Everywhere
yes, satan can be alot of places at once, but then again, so can god.

Can I Save My House
have you ask god to help?

Why Should I Believe In God
for one he created you, 2, he loves you, 3 he,s the best friend you,ll ever have,4 ask and you will recieve.5look around god is everywhere,

Is Salvation Still Possible
yes, make a fresh start and give your life and heart to god, ask and you shall recieve

Never Opened A Bible
hi, and god bless first get a bible if you want start with psalms or let god lead you get soe good teaching tapes. start a journal, god will help you,

Confession Repentance
i think its best for you to take your sins to our loving father.

What Makes You A Christian
my faith makes me a christian,i belived when i was a little girl, and i believe even stronger now.

Do Our Words Have Power
proverbs says alot about your words and what they do.

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