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Can Christians Divorce
Yes the bible tells that two can get a divorce. Jesus taught in matt. 19:1-10 that a person can divorce another for adultery meaning that if someone steps outside the marriage but that and death is the only reason that the teaches a person get a divorce.

Should Spankings Be Illegal
I agree with Crystal. It's encouraging to know that there are good strict disciplinarians like Crystal, that contribute to this web blog. Public corporal punishment and humiliation of adults sends a clear message to society, that immoral and unethical behavior will not be tolerated. Our children and teenagers will learn from this, and thusly, will produce future generations of adults who conduct themselves in a moral, ethical, and law abiding Christian manner. The goal, is to make the use of corporal punishment very rare option indeed!! This can be accomplished by making the punishments so strict and severe, that people will never, never, want to put themselves into a situation that would result in a corporal punishment sentence.

Should Spankings Be Illegal
Thank you Mary, for your reply to my post.
Because we live in a free society, we are all expected to exercise of our freedoms in a responsible, law abibing, moral and ethical manner. Severe and Public Corporal Punishment sends a clear message that people must be held accountable for their actions. I am just about 100% certain that public and humiliating punishments for a crime such as DWI for instance, will have a profound effect on the general public. The person on the receiving end of the punishment will never, never, never drive drunk again!! The general public will be detered from finding themselves in the same position some day!! The time has come to restore Bible strict morals and discipline to our daily lives!!

Should Spankings Be Illegal
Strict discipline and corporal punishment are much needed in today's undisciplined and unethical society. Public whippings and humiliation would do wonders in our desire to curb crimes such as drunk driving, shop lifting, and other immoral and unacceptable behavior. The Liberal, anti Christian discipline experts, have poisoned the minds and hearts of America's Children. Our public school systems must be taken out of the hands of the "Liberal Intellectual Elite," and put under the proper supervision of devout, dedicated, strict, Christian Fundamentalists.

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