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Marry Before 2012 End Of World
well first of all, i was reading another blog and it said that the rapture will happen in may of 2011. to prove the end is near, it also said that a guy was visited by an angel. the angel told him to stay in the house for 3 days and to close doors and windows when the end was near. During his sleep or something, the angel took him to a city (not literely) where there were people by the thousands laying died with blood in their mouths. To him it was like a virsus controled and killed everyone. Scrary isnt it, IM WORRYED SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN (NEED A ANSWER) Ive prayed to God for a clue or a sign that it wont happen but i never get an answer.

Can Satan Enter My Dreams
"there is no biblicalscripture that supports idea of satanic or demonic influence inour dreams". "Even if they have that power, were not to acknowledge it, that will grant them that much more!" "Satin is like a lion, waiting to attack us all the time, that's why we need to read the bibleandpray as much as possible, the Lord has already put saten and his demons at bay, its up to us to keep them there! Remember, the truth is the light, and the light can overpower the darkness!" If you feel you are being tormented, just pray! I hope some one on here with more knowledge of biblical scripture can show us how to rebuke, and pray away the demons and unholy spirits. I really hope this helps! Thank you all and God bless!

No Musical Instruments
Revelation 5:8 And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

Then they all started singing a new song. Looks like musical instruments are in Heaven.

Does The Bible Contradict Itself
mike. honestly you do not understand the Bible. When Jesus told the people to obey the authority, it was only if it did not go against God, because obeying the authority would then become a sin. The pharisees oppressed the people and made them follow rules that they themselves could not follow. God is not about rules but faith. That is why Jesus told them not to use their own understanding because there is an element of faith, and it was this faith that the Pharisees did not understand.
The Bible does not contradict unless it is taken out of context.

Ear Piercing A Sin
here u go realy repling to person who stated the "god" would made you with holes. god didn't make us clothed so should we not wear clothes by that definition lulz

Doctrine Of The Trinity
There is loads of quotes in the bible where we can read Jesus is God. Do a net search you will find tons of info. Just read john 1 1st chapter, and Jesus also said He saw satan fall, also he said before abraham was I AM. There is to many quotes showing he is God in the flesh. God in the old test also calls himself God the the saviour. I hope you will ask Jesus himself to reveal thing to you. God bless you.

Good Version Of The Bible
during the period of the reformation there was a man named erasmus. he was a scholar who took all of the current manustripts of his day and put together a translation for "everyone from the man plowing in the field" to anyone else. what he came out with was referred to by the people as the "recieved text"(in english) or the "textus receptus". if you are a kjv only baptist you may have heard of this translation because it is the one from which the kjv was derrived.

Good Version Of The Bible
Erasmus faced some competitors for his translation of the scriptures, and he actually rushed to get his copy out first. that is a good thing becuase he wanted every layman to have a copy of the bible in their hands made for a not-so-accurate translation. it is common knowledge that the kjv is not the most accurate translations and also that it is the hardest to read (whether you have the spirit of god living in you or not). If you read the kjv only you are missing out.

Good Version Of The Bible
there is nothing wrong with reading the kjv and deffinately not with the niv, nasb, nlt. those are just the ones i have read. there are others. so unless you understand the origional languages in their fullest meaning then you should probably check out more than just one translation. pick up a copy of the amplified bible if you want to really bring out the meaning and understand a passage.

Did Christians Write The KJV
the prophets isaiah and jeremiah by the inspiration of the holy spirit spoke about a people who "acknowledge me with their lips but their hearts are far from me". they had a darkened understanding and had ears but could not hear, eyes but could not see. jesus told the pharisees "you dilligently search the scriptures because you think that by them you posess eternal life. these are the scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life. what version did they read

Once Saved Always Saved
wow. long blog. i was confused reading most of them, lisa and one other guy toward the end were clear on what they were saying but i thought the topic was "once saved always saved"? there is a doctrine of apostacy and to say once saved always saved (osas)is to throw out entire books in the bible. in the gospels there are tons of references to false professions of faith. thorn bushes dont bear figs. People are likened to trees and what happens to trees that dont bear fruit?

Catholic Church And Hitler
Be careful of Orthodox religion also.

Who is John Hagee?
who ever does not like brother hagee go to sleep and in regards to the money he makes its a blessing. brother i love the man and he speaks the word of GOD with no fear of others likeing him or not and yes one more thing,,,i think u all sure would like to have that kind of money

Son Wants His Ear Pierced
brother u need to get some real word in u and just becouse u read the word does not mean u study it and recieve it the way GOD has intended u to recieve maybe u to busy likeing the ear pieced....

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