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I Suffer From Depression
You need to turn to God and have complete love and faith in him. Pray constantly, and give your burden over to him. God had healed me of Bipolar and I am cured. I asked him to relieve me of it and I waited knowing he would. Making my relationship stronger with God has helped me greatly. You will be cured! Have faith! God bless.

Is God's Word Sufficient
Jesus says that people have to put his word to use in order to be wise,every word of God is necessary for real spiritual growth,the scriptures testify to eternal life,we are to present ourselves as ones approved,we have to have a humble and lowly spirit,we must have God's spirit of truth,we must earnestly seek God, and hold onto his word and teachings.
Yes and yes to the first two questions.

Why Does God Love Us
God loves us b/c we are his children.He created us for the same reason we have children today.To watch us grow and to watch us learn. This delights, and glorifies him.Most importantly for us to love him back unconditionally as he loves us. God bless

Addicted To Pain Pills
I used to be an addict of drugs. My advice is to put your complete trust in God, and to turn to God in this matter. Have the faith that God will help your husband with no doubt whatsoever. Have a lot of prayer and practice patience. Never give up, and be there for your husband all you can. God bless.

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