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Can I Date A Non-Christian
I had that same niggling question while dating my ex fiance, and ignored it, until God ruffled me up so much that i had to face up and answer it! I prayed to God for wisdom, and I got my answer from Him. We have just gone thru a very painful breakup. The only one who can answer this for you is God. Ask Him, and please listen carefully.

People Deny Old Testament
In my search for understanding of the christian faith, it is in these situations that I become confounded. What I read and understand of the Holy Bible and what christians say seem to contradict (I humbly stand to be corrected). If the only physical evidence of the Most High God is the written word then I would think that doctrine is crucial. How else do you come to know Christ apart from it? And if you do not know Christ, how are you saved?

Where Is The Love
Hi Robin. I am searching. The more I learn of 'The Most High God', the deeper my drive and the more intense my passion to know more. When I read the Holy Bible I find myself captivated and a sense of 'life' and 'meaning' begins to well up in the deepest facets of my being. I get very excited. I do believe I am addicted to the God who calls Himself 'I AM'. He is everything I believed 'Greatness' should be and I never truly understood the concept of 'love' until I began to learn of his character.

Fighting Spiritual Warfare
Hello Nomad. Hope you're well today. I am frazzled by a statement you made (perhaps I am misunderstanding). Are you saying that Jesus counted himself as a transgressor? If so, this surprises me. What I understand is that he had to be 'the perfect man' to justify the sacrafice he made of being a ransom for the sins of mankind - otherwise he may as well have died to pay for his own sins. Forgive me if I am mistaken. I am sure my question must seem painfully elementary to you.

Where Is The Love
Robin, may I ask you something? Your God puts significant emphasis on his words, right? Apparently there is so much power in them that everything he utters simply 'becomes'. He also puts great emphasis on man's words (by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned) Surely the words on this blog are not just 'responses' to ideas and thoughts then. Surely they have the power to influence and create perceptions - albeit loveless perceptions in the eyes of unbelievers?

Fighting Spiritual Warfare
nomad: Hello. You distinguish between sinners and saints. Haven't all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God - hence the necessity of your Messiah? This is what your bible says. Are you referring to believers and "unbelievers"? And what is the meaning of "spiritual warfare"? Does this imply that people do battle with entities of the spiritual realm? Or that people do battle with elements that influence the spiritual realm like principles, mindsets and mentalities?

What Will Heaven Be Like
Everyone is speaking of Heaven as though that is the destination of believers for eternity. Explain to me then what your bible means when it speaks of a "new earth" in the book of Revelations? Also, explain to me, if heaven is the destination, why the 2nd resurrection in perfected bodies made of flesh and blood? Will there be flesh and blood in heaven?

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