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What Is The Purpose Of God
The perpouse of God is to show His love to us,to love us,so we can love others and He can love others through us. Matthew28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit

Move On After Broken Heart
Dear Karen! God cares for you! Give all your burdens to Him.This is a great burden,I agree,but only if you choose to carry it!YOu need to give it to the Lord.Imagine puting it in a box and giving it to God,letting Him take it.You'll be amazed how easy you will feel.just give that person to God.And He will reprace it with peace a great joy! Ask God to take it from you and don't take it back when He does take it away.Fill your heart with the Word and encaurage yourself with psalms and spiritual songs

Visit Hospitals And Prisons
Yes Yes! Yes!If God put it in your heart,do it!You can't imagine what a blessing that will bring to those poor people.But don't go alone, have a little will support eachother and will be able to minister to few people at a time.
God bless you

What Is The Unpardonable Sin
unpardonable sin is sinning against the Holy Spirit. People sin against the Holy Spirit when they do not exept Christ as their Saviour.If you are saved you never did or will commit this sin. God bless

Marriage The Perfect Will Of God
marriage is the perfect will of God but not for everyone. Of you know that God called you to marriage he will provide the partner if you wait from Him. There also such a thing as God's Pefect timing. You want to wait for that!!!

Are We Living In Sin Together
it is living in sin!marriage is appointed from God, so we get God's blessing for it.yOu can still be saved.Christ died for our sins before we were saved.He wants you to be saved.If you live with your future spouse before marriage, it will not be the same after you get married.It is harder on woman that a man.Her unconcious mind will be desturbed and she will react emotionally to certain things in marriage.For men it is not as hard.It is good to wait until you are married.God is all mercyfull and will forgive any sin,if you already live in it, but why look for trouble.God bless.

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