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Move To Another State
When you are at peace. But make sure it is the peace of Jesus.
Also if all the doors keeps closing on you in the state you living in.
It might be God telling you to move.

Control A Man's Wife
Kathr, yes Adam and Eve would be alive today if they didn't eat the fruit.
The tree would still be there for them to have the freewill to continue to obey God or not.
Still naked. No shame.
As for having children? My opinion would be -No.
Why would they? They didn't before the fall.
Remember we don't know how long they were in the garden. Centuries maybe.

I don't understand your 2nd post explanation of me. It is strange.
Please explain.

Control A Man's Wife
Yes MarkV.
That's why the RCC does not allow women priests.
Jesus is the new Adam to teach men how to sacrifice for His Bride.
Not the bride for husband. The bride will follow, but not lead.
God had the plan before the fall.
That's what we mean when we say 'oh happy fault of Adam's sin.

Captain Of The Host
Jerry and Francis, is Seg correct?
Are both claiming St. Michael the Archangel is Jesus?

The Unfinished Blog
Grandma, I can give a quote from the catechism, it doesn't mean I have STUDIED it. As many quoted from the Bible, but never studied the Bible.

Nope, you read romance books. I had two grandmas, and I know many grandmas. So I know what you read no matter if you say otherwise.

Scripture For Perpetual Virgin
Gordon are you mad because I told you not to take God's name in vain? That is the second commandment you know or the third for you all.
Why such anger?

This is a Christian website. Why don't you show your Christian side?

Existence Of Purgatory
Hi Haz,
I know many young people claiming they were taught there are 52 states.
I saw and heard Obama say he visited 57 states.

You can't believe everything you hear or see even on TV.

Miracles In The Bible
MarkV, the Jewish people had their faith rituals BEFORE written ones.
How dare you call Jesus' death pagan. Everyone knows the sign of the cross represents all 4 Gospel's accounts of Jesus' death.
My daily actions is all Christian.
You might just talk about bible, I LIVE the bible.

Scripture For Perpetual Virgin
MarkV, you are mistaken. I give the account of the word 'know'.
I said 'until' .

Book Of Acts Church
Gordon my brother, stop spinning Jesus, WORDS.
He said Whatever, not the Law, My words and teachings I gave you or taught you.
JESUS is speaking in presence for the future, not the past.
Nice try.

Authority To Men
MarkV, you miss understood me. Look at your own blog. You are blaming others what you are doing yourself.

Why can't you believe I can reason for myself?
Because I didn't leave the RCC, I didn't reason correctly?
You tell us to give you Scripture, we do this. If you don't like the versus, you make excuses to fit your views. Then, you blame others for not following Jesus, when we are the ones who take Him at His Word.

Illegal Bugging Of MConnel
Nurse Robert, it is the past. Plus, it not American tell anyone you disagree with to be silent.
You Liberals always what to attack others instead of staying on topic.
Please address the issue of playing the race card.

Bible To Your Faith
The bible is extremely important to my faith. The bible is like a collection of love letters to me from God. The more I read it, the more I am amazed at my God. Mystery in love.

Let's All Get Along
MarkV, who do you think were the group of men that put together the NT? Or do you think it was one man?
How did these group of men come together? Why did the average Joe decided to take their authority on the subject?
The CHURCH is the only reasonable answer you can give me.

Authority To Forgive Sins
//I guess you are calling the 11 disciples -Israel?//
Who do you think they represent? You don't actually think the 12 represent you do you.--michael_e on 4/6/13

Jesus knew they were not living forever. So, the 11 disciples He breathe on was for the other disciples as well that they would ordain later on.
I think you are confused about the matter.

Name Of New Pope
MarkV, I am sorry you had a bad experience. But, I promise I have never been told about works for salvation. Now, I have been taught to deny my flesh goods daily. Not for salvation, but to keep focus on Christ.

Should A Priest Get Married
Adetunji, I don't understand what you mean about pain? Then they are not called to the priesthood. Please read Matthew 19:12 again.
Jesus address your question well at the end of His statement.
Plus all life status causes pain.

How To Control Sin
MarkV, God had to be careful we the infant Israel. He knew everything matters. That's why Moses couldn't enter the promise land after hitting the rock twice.
I believe the 1st commandment, 2nd for you, is speaking against idol worship above or in place of God. Anything including money, work or the like.
The snake is in a fleeing position on a pole. Which looks like a cross which will heal and save us from death.

Should A Priest Get Married
Holy Matrimony" is a matter that is entirely between a man, a woman,and GOD. Church and Civil authorities have no jurisdiction in such a matter.--Darryl on 3/19/13

Since Jesus started the Church. Matthew 16 and He speaks about marriage in Matthew 19, I think the Church has everything to do with Holy Matrimony.

Or everyone can pretend they are in holy matrimony with anyone, anytime and everytime they wish.

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