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Who is Peter Popoff?
Ide like to ask a question?Who are the two witnesess in revelation 11?Are they two prophets today God chose?I know the lampstands represent the church,thats not the question ,so reply only on the question and answere it.If they die,and come to life are they two people chosen by God?Why are the people rejoicing at there death ,than fear there life from god?What does it say if you hurt them?What will Be the result if you harm these two witnesess?Please answere,ill give you the answeres latter.God bless you nations in Jesus name amen.

What Is The Creation Of Time
To answere your question,your representing heaven,eternity.That the only time God lights it up,not the fleshly sun innsky.God Himself is the light.

Problems Within Christianity
Yes theres is.Who is true,who isnt,where do you get your facts,by what you hear and see.Or what you dont see and hear,do you lean on your own understanding,not Gods word?

Which Is The Right Bible
Yes the king james bible is the best to read.It is the one they used in Jesus Christ day,onward.The factual written bible.So continue reading it my sister.Answere my questions ok?

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