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What Is The Third Heaven
2 Corinthians, Chapt. 12, verse 2. Type in "the third heaven" and you will find quite a few sites

About To Marry A Non-Christian
NO NO NO u should not marry a non christian, don't u belive the word of God? he warns us not to, if you are a REAL christian and live it he will hate u later down the road.I Know I becane a christian after marrage and I cant even began to tell you the hell I have gone thur, and I am not the only one,all who live godly will suffer persecution, 2 timothy 3 verse 12, if anyone says otherwise are not living a christian life and only have a label,are you willing to take that chance knowing u can marry only ones? if u follow the bible then obey Gods warning,only God changes man so forget about changeing him he will only drag u down

I Hate My Husband
dear friend, you are not alone with your feelings, i too hate my husband. what was for me, or so i thought THE love of my life.
Ten years down the line and thirty years of knowing him has almost destroyed me mentally, physicaly and moraley. Its only very recent all my dreams have been trashed.I think hate is the wrong word, i loathe him, i have lost all respect i ever had for him and at one time that was a huge amount. I cant bare to look at him but im finding it so painful to leave.

What Does Born Again Mean
Read John 3 It defines for you what Jesus said to Nicodemus as to how to be `born again` in the Spirit of God. The `old man` must die, and the `new man` in Christ lives anew. Allow the Holy Spirit to help you understand the scriptures. Simply "ask in Faith believing", that`s what His word tells us to do. He will help you understand.

Sister Is Dieing Of Cancer
First pray about the situation. Call her, go to her,but get the message to her and simply say, "I`m sorry", then YOU forgive HER for the anger she has toward you. Be genuine.. Remember, WE must forgive because God forgives us. Whatever happens beyond that is all up to God, but make your peace with her. Whatever she chooses to do is still her responsibility, and don`t let her actions dictate what You do. Be sure you have done all you can before she is gone.

WasThis A Demonic Encounter
my sister has agreed to not contact the lady reader,her daughter says she will never do that again, a lady who cares for my mom came thursday she told my sis the same thing and named two more people he knew. i think she has opened the door for satan this is no coinsidence

WasThis A Demonic Encounter
the names were people he knew

WasThis A Demonic Encounter
the him was the deseased the lady said he was in a red and black place and couldn't cross over until this was solved

WasThis A Demonic Encounter
no it wasn't a saonce but she did read from cards, my niece was also there and she saw him in back of this woman he was screaming and waving his hands ,but she couldn't hear him. at that time the lady told him to quit screaming there were names that she couldn't have known that he told her to write. she asked if he died from a gunshot wound to the head. she told her yes

Explain The Trinity Doctrine
The Trinity is absolutely Biblical. It is impossible to Believe Jesus is the Savior, and not believe in the Trinity. Jesus said, `I and My Father are One`. Another time he told his disciples, `I must go to my Father, but I will send the Comforter,(Holy Spirit)the Spirit of God`. Consider the egg. To say it is ONE is truth, but it consists of 3 parts. Such is the Trinity! Father , Son, Holy Spirit.

Overweight Female Relative
Is this all you have to complain about? Why not pray for her, and ask God to soften your heart toward her. Support her in her desire to lose weight, even the smallest effort, but don`t push. It`s really not your burden to carry. Love her no matter what her size. Would you love her less, or be complaining if she were disfigued? I believe the problem is more with You than her. Be Sensitive toward her. Seek God in this matter, be sincere, and I know God will help you show His love to her.

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
ANYONE can go to Heaven IF they have repented of their sins, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. When Jesus mentioned the rich man not entering into Heaven , He was speaking to the fact that the rich man`s trust was in his riches rather than his need of a Savior . Caution; if we are stingy with what God has blessed us, once again we become as the rich man. Putting anything ahead of Christ is a sin; including the love of money.

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