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Illegals Work In The USA
That's where you are wrong, Jimbo...

I think we should secure our borders. I think that illegals in this country should be deported and detained. Then I would like see you out picking crops and washing dishes.

You moan and groan about the illegals in the country "taking our jobs" but say nothing about the businesses that pay these people the slave wages and give them the jobs that draw them here?

Can You Afford Obamacare
Let's see, Elder. Government is bad as long as they leave you alone.

---NurseRobert on 11/10/09

Shouldnt post at midnight after working... too tired.

should read.. Let see, Elder, Goverment is ok as long as they leave you alone..

Can A Democrat Be A Christian
Dud... Clinton has not been president for almost 8 years now.. it's time to stop using him for a Bush scapegoat..

Do You Like The Church You Attend
Jay... how would you describe a "rebuking ministry?"

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