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Secret Of The Rapture In The Bible
Jared, God bless you and your efforts. But you see, I know there is a rapture and hope you will understand this too, now or sometime. The truth, though, like you said is that nobody will successfully serve God because of fear of hell or desire for heaven or fear of future tribulation. The fact is people scarcely commit to stuff whose effect they cannot presently relate to.

Secret Of The Rapture In The Bible
2# They may serve God for a while because of such, but it won't take long for that fear to wear out. Maybe 2 days. Love for God is the only reason that can stand as a primary reason to serve God. HOWEVER, some people WILL come to the church, say the sinner's prayer, give God a chance, etc. for fear of hell or longing for heaven, etc. and in the process fall in love with God and by His Spirit, replace their reason to serve God. [I wonder what these stuff I wrote has to do with the rapture :-)]

How Old Is The Earth
MikeM your post is very faulty. Some parts of modern science boost biblical knowledge, some disagree. You have to sort them by giving absolute preference to the bible. Your thesis that saying the earth is 6000 years is a refutation of faith is as far from understanding as I can imagine. If thats Einsteins statement, then Oke says "Einstein's wrong here" Salvation doesnt need science. Some science help tremendously, others are greatly mythical. I'm glad I know things 'science' believes otherwise.

What Is A Calvanist
What is calvanism? what does it believe?

Once Saved Always Saved
**Kathr4453: "Now you all may want to argue that to your own distruction, but I will pass. I Have the fear of the Lord on such matters. I never call Him a LIAR as some of you do."**

How hyprocritical: you are the very one who replaces His clear word with your own theology.

False Teachers And Prophets
Like I said, if the Holy Spirit hasn't revealed to you that a prophecy is bogus, and you don't have any other valid proof as such, then your idea that it is bogus is a potentially dangerous self-opinion. you could be very wrong... and even if you aren't, do you wonder why God was angry at job's friends? They weren't wrong afterall.

Did Dinosaurs Live With Man
The "sons of God" are clearly angels. Study it more...

Die If You Divorce Prophecy
Danette is right. If physically abused, you can be seprated and report the man to the police or take some other action, but only divorce if its biblical. I know it sounds like we are inconsiderate of your plight, but no we aren't. Remember that suffering did not make the apostles compromise. Anyway, I'm sure God has forgiven you if you divorced wrongly. As for the prophet, there are false and true prophets, be discerning.

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