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Showing Love To The Poor
Theresa, no thanks. Being in heaven would be like being in hell, knowing that all my friends and relatives were being tortured forever and I, helpless to do anything for them.

Are Some Sins Worse
Of course some sins are worse than others. Would you rather hang out with a serial killer or with someone who has doubts about the Trinity?

Could Jesus Have Sinned
If someone is unable to do something, then that person can't be tempted to do it either. The Bible says Jesus was tempted in all things. So you figure it out.

Showing Love To The Poor
Theresa, we visited the inmate for six hours on Saturday. He is, unlike me, a saved Christian. So praise God for that!

Showing Love To The Poor
At least my wife is a Christian, so the prison trip will be somewhat worthwhile. So long.

Showing Love To The Poor
Theresa, your father is superior to me in every way. He was good and I am bad. That's the way God has arranged it, and I accept that entirely. God bless you.

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
I went to 12-step meetings for 40 years and never bought into the idea that addiction is a disease. Addiction is just addiction. And non-believers sober up with the same ease or difficulty as believers. Most sober members of 12-step groups are not Evangelicals, interestingly enough.

Jerusalem Center Of World
Nancy, you make a lot of sense!

Is Satan The Ruler Of Hell
Satan will be the big winner since most people are going to hell. So the Christians tell me.

Showing Love To The Poor
Theresa, this will be our 130th visit in ten years. I go because I like to. I don't know how God sees my visits because my theology isn't always as orthodox as others'. For all I know I'm hellbound. Guess I will find out soon since I am very old.

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
SusieB, you are on track. I would agree heartily.

What Is The Worst Sin
Do you mean the worst sin against God, against other people, or against yourself?

Spirituality Religion Different
James in his epistle describes true religion: helping widows and orphans, and staying unspotted from the world. So religion is a good thing if practiced that way.

Happy Birthday To Me
Happy birthday, and God bless you, Mima. And many happy returns of the day!

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