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Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Gordon 12/31/07, ministries are legally required to have their names as the ministry they are in charge of.
- there are aspects of a ministry that have to be handled like any quality business.
- a conference table is large enough to accommodate the ministry several staff members and representatives from other businesses coming from book and cd manufacturers. those businesses deal with big money.
- it wouldn't look too good for them to come into the conference room and see a coupla factory lunch room tables and on the wall was a $15 dollar clock with the electric wire clearly visible.
- such cheap things are not good business practices. or if you think she's wrong. then i'm assuming that you don't have a public ministry.

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
Rob 1/24/09.. I know many Christians were brought up not to act rambunctiously in a church service.
they are told that only people influenced by the devil do those things.
- I know that such teaching that has that fear attached to it can prevent from thinking otherwise.
- haven't you read these scriptures?
* at times the priests could not stand to minister when they would go into the tabernacle.
* one of the prophets had the power come upon him and he outran the horse and chariot.
* King David got rambunctious in worship of the Lord and one of his wives thought it was wrong and disgraceful. didn't it result in God making her barren?
* in Acts at Pentecost they were filled with the Spirit and acted like drunks.

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
steveng, you can still disagree but anyone can laugh, shake, or fall to the ground. apart from a charismatic church service.
- for instance, an adult parent playing with their kids. so a person can be gentle in nature and still do those things in church.
* some Christians background before salvation could be any kind of reveling so they ought to be able to tell a difference between that and when they're saved.
* science has proven that the body has millions of minute electrical charges traveling through it every day and we know about static electricity. that is just the natural spectrum but there's also a spiritual spectrum. what do you think that virtue was that Jesus said came out of Him?

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
Jesus gave the body of Christ the authority to bind and cast out demons, so the gift of the discerning of spirits helps in times of intercessory / warfare praying for others or when praying concerning any difficult situation that a Christian may face.

its not only to discern demon activity but also to be aware of the protective angels of God who minister for the heirs of salvation. this too helps in times of prayer with the authority to loose the angels to do they're part in getting God's will done in the earth.

Christians Not Punished
since the blood of Jesus is available to remit wrongs, the judgement seat doesnt judge "wrongs" it judges "works".
works are either as wood, hay, stubble.. or gold, silver, or precious jewels.

what makes works either combustible or immune to fire?

i'd say that works out of a sense of duty, self righteous.. can be easiy burned up. while works out of motivation of compassion and faithfulness to God have lasting value.

either way, the Christian loses what's burned and gets rewarded in what's valuable.

Shall Deceive The Elect
Jesus said of the Jewish audience, concerning those who did not accept him.. that there would come one whom they would receive. (John 5:43)

if you ask a Jew what the Messiah is supposed to be like.. most are describing the anti-christ. for instance the Messiah is supposed bring real peace to their nation. he is supposed to make it possible for the Jews to rebuild their temple. he is not supposed to exhibit any supernatural abilities. if he did he'd be considered a false Christ.

the false prophet will perform the signs so perhaps they'd be so desparate, they'd overlook that if the anti-christ could accomplish the other things. in that case the deception would be self induced.

Was Melchizedek Jesus
Melchizedek was a man who functioned as a high priest before God established a priesthood by covenant law starting with Aaron. by the record Aaron had faults. and many others who followed after him did.

Melchizedek didnt have any of that. not having come from a line of priests, not having any record of faults, not having record of family genealogy. but that doesnt make him the pre-incarnate Son of God, because Jesus was foretold of and has a genealogical record.

however Jesus is commissioned as a High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. which means that apart from the law Jesus followed after him, to function in an eternal Priesthood. and we are made priests through Him.

Christ's Linen Napkin
i just read a website the other day about this.

"When they buried Jesus it says that there was a napkin, separate from the linen the rest of His body was wrapped in, that was placed around His head (John 20:7). This was His talid. It was normal custom in that day to wrap the head of a man with his talid for burial." [google "keepa and talid"]

when Elijah came to Elisha he broke the yoke and followed Elijah. when Elijah went up into heaven Elisha tore up his own talid and used Elijah's.

so, its possible that Jesus folded "the napkin" after resurrection because since he would be going up into heaven, he no longer needed it.

What Is Meaningless Repetition
the Bible talks about praying three times a day. whether its for the same thing or for three different things. nothing wrong with that.
and the Bible talks about meditation which requires repeating verses of scripture. so repetition is not the problem.

meaningless is the problem. the original word is "empty". it means idle or inoperative.

an example would be when Jesus talked about people who spoke scripture but their heart was not in it. people disinterested, just going by rote, their minds somewhere else.

Baptism Of The Holy Ghost
the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for doing the greater works that Jesus said his disciples were to do. the power of God is anointing, strength to perform the miracles seen in Jesus ministry and Acts.

for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit in ministry to the body of Christ, for ministry to unbelievers, for worship unto God, for effective intercessory prayer, for keeping oneself in the love of God.

1 corinth.1:5-6, (7 that you not lack in any gift as you eagerly await the revealing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

i was reading that today and realized that it means that the gifts of the Spirit are not to be lacking in the body of Christ until Jesus comes.

Mayan Calendar December 2012
the mayan calender place of stopping doesnt mean that it means the end of the world. it just means the end of the mayan calender.

for instance, if i kept a diary that had local, national and global events in it. and it happened to end on a page that had been dated to December 21 2012, would anyone automatically think that the end date meant the end of the world?

Report Miracle Healing
my first thought: i've heard of sprinkling someone with anointing oil but how could anyone (literally) sprinkle someone with the blood of Jesus?

aside from that i've read of (in the Bible) as well as heard of many incidences of people being healed of external or internal problems (various revivals through the years).

not many doctors today will allow results to be known due to patient privacy, or because they would deny it as a miracle. so any report would come from the patient who wanted to give their testimony.

Are Faith Healers Real
a believer can still go to a doctor and exercise their faith for healing recovery. so going to a doctor is not a sign of lack of faith.

many times medicine is an assistance to the body's natural ability to recover.

'faith healers' don't actually have any ability to heal anyone.

its faith that heals. a faith healer could be fake as they come and yet if they talk positively and use any Bible verses, then a believer who perhaps doesn't realize that they're listening to a fake can still use their own faith to be healed.

why is that? because God honors his own word even if it comes from a dishonorable vessel. but the dishonorable vessel can't get into heaven by his fake works.

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
mima, thanks for clarifying. and sorry this is so late.

the most common way that i've seen the Holy Spirit overtake someone was in a prayer group the Spirit of intercession with groanings. or the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.
also the manifestation of what some call 'laughing in the spirit'. or what the Bible describes as the joy of the Lord.
in a church service during praise and worship, i've seen manifestation of the Holy Spirit when someone would suddenly sprint around the room and leap around or dance. or in being prayed for the person would just drop to the floor.

i am so glad when God makes his presence known in these ways just as he did in the Bible days.

Speaking In Tongues A Gift
speaking in tongues are actually used in two different ways.

one is the gift of the Spirit for public ministry to the assembly of believers. that one must have interpretation following it. not all speak them. [1 corinth.12]

the second is personal devotional tongues which doesn't require interpretation. unless the individual speaking wants to know what they're saying. when they speak it out, it is equal to prophesy. all may speak them. [1 corinth.14]

a person develops in knowing the difference between the leading of the Lord and their own notions by practicing what God has given.

it is just as correct to teach about tongues as it was correct for the apostle Paul to do it.

Does Suffering Please God
it doesn't take suffering test, trials and adversity in order to manifest Christ.
He is the Anointed One who was sent by God to remove burdens and destroy yokes.
He showed God's will in healing people. giving to the poor. delivering others. accepting those who were social outcasts.
manifesting Christ will cause the suffering of persecution.

Explain Matthew 10: 34-35
the word of God is described in Hebrews as being able to divide. so because of the message of the gospel when anyone person of a household of typical Jews receives the radical message that Jesus brought that was so different than what the Pharisees, synagogue Rabbi's taught.. it caused family divisions.
the clashing of different ways of believing. it happened within Jesus own household. His mother and siblings thought he'd gotten away from Jewish beliefs.
John the Baptist thought that he'd gotten away from what was right.
for them their security (also translated peace) in the knowledge of the law and prophets was shaken.
that is what Jesus was talking about.

Why Start Believing Now
on the basis of looking at all religions to decide which is best. that will be up to you.

but when the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who sent Jesus His Son to die for all mankind to be saved from eternal separation.. then it will be the Holy Spirit that draws you. and because of that, you won't consider any other form of belief.

this has actually happened with a number of Atheists, Islamists, etc. they set out to "prove" the Bible was wrong, and ended up getting saved.

How To Please God
its important to know what God's will is regarding any area of our lives, and then use our faith to begin the process of sowing that word of His will into our lives. so that the Holy Spirit can bring that word to pass in our lives.

what is the purpose of pleasing God and doing his will?

James said, "be a doer of the word and not a hearer only that you might be blessed in all your doing."

God proclaimed blessings to mankind from the very beginning because He loves us, so He doesnt want to see us without any good thing that He purposed for us to have and enjoy.

Should Christians Support Israel
the Jewish people returning to occupy its own land after being scattered, is a fulfillment of prophecy.
- Israel being forced to divide the land for the sake of peace is a matter of Biblical prophecy. but just because its prophecy doesnt mean that God wants the land to be divided. read Joel 3:2
the way in which the nations treat the Jewish people is a matter of God dealing judgement upon them. America included. to those who are against Israel, they will be goat nations. to those for, will be sheep nations.
- praying for the peace of Jerusalem first means being whole. so if Israel is divided, its not experiencing peace. if they dont, who will.

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