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World Made From Big Bang
thank you Jerry,I wholy believe that God Almighty had all to do with everything..not the so called big bang ...

Tithe To Be A Good Member
I am appalled to read so many mean selfish christians on this do we pay expenses incurred of the church, how do we help the poor, how do we help pastors who need financial assistance>???the list goes on..this is God's work we are supporting..dont give me silly indeed do we help? in this day and age, we need to help any way we can. thats why I tithe..cos God said so.

Two More Prophets Coming
2 Witnesses are the Old & New Testament, the Word of God instructing us to take note of what is going take heed that your lamp is full of oil and ready for the is God Himself..not man..

Prison Camps For Christians
wherever you got this silly statement..are you anti christian Bob? we christians dont worry about such..for God said, "I WILL BE WITH YOU TILL THE END:" and we belive Him .. all we need to do is hold on to Him all the way..thank you Lord..

Was Katrina God's Judgement
who is at work here?..who are these false prophets? The bible is our prophets of today..the Old n New Testaments...Jesus the Word..John 1:1,2

World Made From Big Bang
I would like to ask any scientists of today, on this blog or not, tell us, "HOW DID THE STARS, SUN, MOON, HANG IN MID AIR?"
If by the bigbang, How did it keep them up there? Cos we dont see no ropes to keep em up there? Can you please explain?

Wierd Laws In The OT
Lee brother, remember this, the whole Bible is all about God. John 1:1. He is the Word, not just some, but alllll of whatever He says, is what we need to follow..I know you hate His laws, specially the 4th therefore you hate Him who is the Law ... alllll of it..not just 9. If you cant be a full christian, then why bother annoying those who does..

Is Baptism A Work
the act of baptising by a pastor is work..for me to baptise is not baptise means a public announcement of my decision to accept Christ in my does not save you..your faith in God saves thru Jesus be fully submerged under the water as Christ did,leaving my old self behind and come up new, means I am a new person and fully in Christ..

Tithe To Be A Good Member
Robyn, He only asked ten percent..not all of it..and 10% is not much and yes, I love to give for His cause..and yes, some would go and change it like they change His laws and Sabbaths..thats where man go wrong by not following exactly what God commands..if I give all,wot would I pay bills with I ask you Robyn? use common sense?

Was Katrina God's Judgement
God Almighty has nothing wot soever to do with hurricanes etc..they are the works of the devil..he/devil has always painted God's character as evil when he is the evil one..remember this, God Almighty is a God of how come you think He has something to do with all these things? He is a God of love, peace etc etc..Satan caused all these evil things..not Jehovah

Tithe To Be A Good Member
Church Tithe means FREELY GIVING WITH LOVE AND WITH ALL YOUR HEART WILLINGLY..we tithe willingly and NO WE DONT CREATE FEAR IN PEOPLE as Lee falsely preach..dont tell us what to do Lee? We love the Lord so much that we give back a portion of what we owe is up to give or not to give..

Women With Long Hair
Dont worry about your hair dear..God knows your heart and He is the one who gave you your type of hair..I dont have any at all so I dont worry..Dont worry about what others say..if your hair dont grown any more, that is God's business..not mans..He knows why it doesnt grow long..

144,000 Jews Or Jehovah Witnesses
absolutely, they also teach that God called them only to preach the truth..they are not allowed to accept invitations from friends to go to friends church, and they are not allowed to read other magazines except their own watchtower things. they teach that they all dont go to heaven but only the 144,000 annointed ones from their church..I guess the rest will be un annointed lol

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