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Who Is Jesus To You
Many religions say He is a prophet. Some say he is the Son of God but not actually God. I say He is God, the creator of all things and my Saviour. As I am adopted into His family He is also my Brother.

Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl
Do you and your ex live or work near to each other? If so, I think you should behave absolutely naturally. If, in the course of your day, you bump into her then be polite and briefly pass the time of day, but don't deliberately seek her out. We all have people in our past, your fiancee will have also no doubt, and life would be miserable if we felt we had to avoid them all but making deliberate contact is asking for trouble.

Is Abortion Ever Acceptable
Some of these answers remind me of a question from long ago regarding is it always wrong to steal, even if your children are starving. Some of those answers said yes it's wrong, just trust in God, he knows the circumstances. Until we've walked in another person's shoes we should not be too sure of what we would do. It is totally hypothetical until you are actually in that position. I hope that I am never in either of these positions.

Sprayed With Fly Killer
A pentecostal relative commented on the diversity of churches and I said that I felt God had provided different types of church because we are so varied in our personalities, therefore some of us fit here and some there. She was horrified and said that "division is not of God and as the end nears there will only be ONE church and that is scriptural". It was interesting to note that the ONE church, in her mind, will be pentecostal!

Do We Have Free Will
Lupe I have answered your other blog as well as I am able but would also like to ask why you said this "Would that be fair to you? would you STILL think that it is not fair?" I can't see where I have mentioned anything being fair or unfair, nor do I think that.

What Is Free Will
Lupe, Dory Lory said "Freewill is our ability to receive or reject God and all that Jesus has done for us" I agree with her and would add "and to do as we please and suffer the consequences" which many actually do. WITHOUT THAT ABILITY I still say that we would just be robots. However when we are living our future eternal life we will have no desire to do anything but please God. Our choice (exercise of free will) was made here. What is your definition of FREE WILL?

Do We Have Free Will
Lupe I am left wondering why you have chosen to comment on just one sentence rather than on the other things I said in the same reply.
I agree with what you say, we will have no desire to sin then BUT we do now.

Random Daily Bible Reading
John some certainly believe it works otherwise they would not continue to do it. I think it's playing with fire the way some of them do it as the devil could easily use this lazy way of bible study to deceive people. I know someone who resigned from work, planned to move 100s miles away etc. all because of several church members 'bible dipping' and passing on the 'signs' they'd been given. The whole thing blew up in their faces because God had not really been consulted. THEY no longer do it.

Who Is Jesus To You
Cliff are you now saying that many people believe that Paul is the comforter referred to by Jesus, the one that most of us know is the Holy Spirit? I've never heard anyone suggest that before.

Who Is Jesus To You
Cliff I'm sorry that your assurance that you are adopted into God's family is non-existent. That is possibly because, at this moment, YOU are not - but that can change. I am praying for you.

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