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Did Abel Have A Wife
Hello Leon, and may I suggest that you look up Proverbs 28:1 and read it for yourself! The invisible mark was only to appease Cain. Mark was for God's own purpose. If you wish to understand more please go out and purchase some Bible-tool books.

New Creation In Christ
Two things that are necessary in order to our living to Christ: regeneration and reconciliation. I Regeneration: 1. Weanedness from the world, 2. A thorough change of the heart, HE IS A NEW CREATURE. I will add to this, a heart for God. II. Reconciliation: He has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ Himself--meaning God. He knew no sin- the sacrifice He offered , He was made sin, that is for sin. We had no righteousness of our own, are made the righteousness of God in Him.

Do Heretics Know The Truth
First: In the writings of Ignatius, a leader of the church in the early second century, the heresy about which they were concerned was Gnosticism, a teaching which denied that Jesus was fully human. Note: This is why John wrote his gospel. The gnostic assertion was that the true God would not enter our world. John stressed in John that Jesus was God's incarnate Son...In 2 Pet. 2:1 comes closest to our meaning of the term, Heresy. It clearly refers to false prophets. In Gal. 5:20, it is one of the works of the flesh, includes strife, seditions, and envying. NT also were just as concern with improper attitudes within the church as the false prophets.

Did Abel Have A Wife
Hope you are having a nice Sunday. I have some answers for you. I will get back to you soon with them. God willing!

Pope Facing Criminal Charges
I believe that the Catholic church ought to clean house from top to bottom. Get some God-called people in there.

Standard For Christians
Well, No. God will not judge the born-agains, aside from what we do with our gifts. The curse has been lifted if you are saved. The Ten Commandments can not be kept except by the grace of God upon the believer. [He has to help you]. If you live a life-style of Adultery, Murder, Coveting, ect, then you cannot in all good honesty claim to love God and people. If you are saved, and you break one of the Ten Commandments, which I have, you must be quick to ask God for forgiveness. Note: It's interesting that God places gossipers right up there among the murderers and the thieves in the Bible. Really do study the Ten Commandments. a lot more involved than meets the eye. Man, how we need God.

Teen Skin Cutter
It is demonic. I won't go as far as saying she's possessed. It isn't easy to tell if someone is actually possessed. I am very sorry but I have no advice for you. I will say this much: Watching the news and documentaries occasionally, knowing what I know because now I am saved, and know some things which most people cannot possibly know because they are unbelievers, it is difficult for me.. At times I really do feel for some people. Even some of those that get caught up in some gross crimes.

Christian Dating A Hindu
It's also testing God. You are in sin!

Did Abel Have A Wife
Thanks Leon>>>Cain became paranoid, believing that everyone would be after him to kill him. So God appeased Cain by placing an invisible mark upon Cain, only for God's purposes...note: God banished Cain from His presence, this is why he became skittish [prov. 28:1]. Did I answer your question?

Can Satan Read Our Mind
Satan knows your thoughts. How else will he know when to attack. Watch-out for prideful thoughts. Satan can and will zero in on your prideful thoughts. Can cause a lot of havoc in that department. Learn to exercise your mind. Knock wrong thinking out. Can you do this on your own? No way. Satan is stronger that you are. NEED GOD to HELP....Only the living God is stronger than the devil.+++

How To Get Rid Of Demons
Stay in prayer, is a must. No human-being are stronger than Satan and his demons. So we need God's strength. If you don't belong to God you in a lot of trouble. If you have difficulties in your mind, and many do, you cannot have real victories unless God saves you. Now you know what it is. GREAT VICTORIES, when you know what it is. Demons can also attack your body. They are real, however, most do not believe. Hallelujah.

What Is Church Discipline
aaron, said a mouth-full. Who in the churches today qualifies to discipline anyone? Between 60% and perhaps as high as 90% of church members are lost. Only a few preachers are saved. God is choosy Satan is not.

Should I Witness To People
When the Person of the Holy Spirit come upon you, your shyness shall leave you.

How To Focus On God
Practice and time will teach you. Get your eyes off people and keep them on God....Very important to God. God is better looking than humans, anyways.

Not Under The Law
The law written in their hearts+++their conscience also bearing witness. The Gentles manifested a moral principle at work in their hearts, because when they broke their own ethical code, their conscience would prick them and cause them to feel guilt...What they did! excuse themselves by making a defense for their actions. But Jews and Gentiles [unconverted] must face a day of judgment with God, THE GREATEST JUDGE OF ALL TIME. "when the secrets of men are judged by the Lord Jesus Christ" according to the truth of the gospel preached by Paul. [Romans 2:13-16.]

Why Did Noah Get Drunk
To bike>>>HA, ha, ha, ha.

Strong Delusion Rapture
That is a good point strongAxe! And I don't understand it, Jesus. I don't think anyone does. Ever since a long time ago. Since the beginning of time [Abel], you have allowed your people to endure such treatments. Of course we are anointed for this. Your power helps us. Still. Hallelujah!

How To Get Rid Of Demons
Cluny might have some. He's sixty.

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