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Coronavirus And Christians
he that thou shalt no be afriad for the terror by night. nor for the day

Joint Church Services
in never came across something like this but it sounds like what Jesus wants of us and i think it would be so awesome and so much Jesus strength wow watch satan run now

What Scriptures Support Tithing
The Kingdom of God is a real government. Every gov. has a form of taxation. Jesus paid tax to Ceasar. He also said to give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and give to God what belongs to God. Abraham was smart enough to give a tax of 10% to Melchiezedek who, at that time, was the only Priest of the Most High. And Abraham received a mighty blessing. God re-inforced the taxation not as a law but as a command. Jesus never do away with the commands. Jesus fulfilled the laws and the prophecies. The Minister of Christ shall receive the tithes and s/he shall tithe from the total to take care the Strangers, Orphans, Widows (SOW). Tithing is alive in the Kingdom. God has bills too in this world and He is no thief to rob banks nor a lier to pay late.

Can Satan Hear My Prayers
Linda, We just started a Study on "The Power of a Praying Woman". One of the ladies commented that it seemed within days after she prayed about a specific area of her life, Satan would attack in that same area. She asked these questions of us.

What Church Do You Attend
I'm a Nazarene by denomination and a child of God by His grace! Isn't it great to know that all christians no matter the denomination will be in Heaven! Thanks for asking this question Ann it was very interesting.

Should Christians Use Curse Words
For others who are interested: My daughter's sunday school teacher used profanity in conversation with me this week. I was very disappointed in her but assume God has not convicted her of this yet. How would you have responded to this person (ignore the profanity or show my concern?)

Should Christians Use Curse Words
Lupe, no offense intended, but if you find my question uninteresting there is no need for a response.

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
Alan, actually I'm not sure what is put into cigarettes that makes them addictive. But the fact that folks crave them and cannot easily give them up indicates to me there must be something added to the tobacco to keep a person coming back for more (nicotine maybe?). Am I wrong? Is the tobacco addictive on its own?
PS I've never smoked one myself - just curious.

Should Christians Use Curse Words
Glad to hear there are others who also believe God has set us apart from this world (be not conformed). I, myself, do not curse but I hear others using language that to me is not appropriate and these are professing christians. God is their judge....not me. What is your definition of cursing?

Fond Memories Of Christian Camps
I enjoyed my years at Jr & Sr High Youth camp immensely! At a time in my life when it seemed I was the only teen following God it was wonderful to come together with others who also were saved. I hope my children will get as much blessings from their experiences at camp as I did.

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
Maybe if man had not put harmful "addictive" additives into what God made (pure tobacco) smoking would not be an issue????? Just a thought.

Can You Speak In Tongues
Xanthi I agree with your blog reply! God's gifts are freely given, I don't believe we all receive the same gifts (ie: talents) If it is taught then it's not a "gift".

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